Domenech: Oscar Lopez Rivera Is Nothing More Than A Terrorist

Domenech: Oscar Lopez Rivera Is Nothing More Than A Terrorist

Wednesday on Fox News’s “First 100 Days,” The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech decried President Obama’s decision to commute terrorist Oscar Lopez Rivera’s prison sentence.

Domenech was joined by talk radio host Richard Fowler, who compared Rivera to founding fathers John Adams and Benjamin Franklin.

“Oscar Lopez Rivera is nothing more than a terrorist, but worse, he is an unrepentant terrorist,” Domenech said. “…It is unconscionable that President Obama should exit enabling someone who is an unrepentant terrorist, who has never apologized for his actions to the victims he enabled to help kill.”

“What was the Boston Tea Party?” Fowler asked, intimating that Rivera’s actions were like those of the American Founding Fathers.

“You compare the heroes of the Boston Tea Party to Oscar Lopez Rivera, a socialist who was working on behalf of a communist plot to try to spread socialism throughout the Caribbean?” Domenech responded. “…The fact is that John Adams and Benjamin Franklin have nothing in common with Oscar Lopez Rivera.”

“They are revolutionary fighters,” Fowler said. “People would argue that Castro was a revolutionary fighter, Nelson Mandela was a revolutionary fighter.

“Oscar Lopez Rivera has nothing in common with Nelson Mandela,” Domenech said. “He is only free because of his celebrity friends who have the president’s ear. . . That is an insult to the memory of Nelson Mandela.”

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