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Unanswered Questions About Email Investigations And Russian Cyber Wars

Shane Harris, national security correspondent for The Daily Beast, breaks down the latest on James Comey and the FBI investigation on the Federalist Radio Hour.


Shane Harris, senior intelligence and national security correspondent for The Daily Beast, joined Ben Domenech on The Federalist Radio Hour to talk this weekend’s news surrounding the FBI’s discovery of Hillary Clinton’s emails on Anthony Wiener’s laptop. They discussed DNC hacks, Putin, Russia, and the threat of cyber wars.

New reports have revealed the internal tension between the FBI and the DOJ. “There are at least four FBI field offices we know from the Wall Street Journal report that have been looking into aspects of this including the Clinton Foundation,” Harris said. “It’s clear that there are FBI agents who felt for sometime that Comey should have pressed for the case and that there was more there.”

Many have questioned the relationship between Donald Trump and Russia, and whether he is more than just a “useful idiot” for Putin. “Russian understanding of the way our government works is getting more sophisticated,” he said. “This is a domain, cyberspace, in which the Russians can compete with us and in many ways are better at it than we are.”

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