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Can We Please Cut Taylor Swift A Break?


Let Taylor Swift date (and breakup with) whoever she wants.


Summer is over and so is Hiddleswift — everyone’s favorite conspiracy theory couple.

This is a rundown of what happened: Taylor Swift was dating Calvin Harris for a little more than a year. They broke up, and shortly thereafter she started dating Tom Hiddleston (aka everyone’s favorite super-hot villain).

The pair had a summer fling that came to an end when it was announced Tuesday they were over, and the entire world freaked out.

Can We Give This Girl A Break, Already?

What’s with all the headlines that read something along the lines of: “Taylor Swift’s Relationship Is Over After ONLY THREE MONTHS!”?

It’s fine to date someone for three months, realize that it won’t work, and move on.
taylor swift
Also, don’t most people think it’s fine to make out with someone and not marry them?

Mercury Is In Retrograde!

Everyone is breaking up right now because it’s the perfect time to do it.

When this astrological phenomenon occurs, people can’t communicate properly and that leads to fights and breakups. Seriously, until September 23, everything is a awful and nothing good happens. Taylor simply couldn’t fight the forces of the universe.

They Never Had A Chance

After the two coupled up, Taylor’s ex decided to make things super weird by putting Taylor and her new beau on blast.

Also, Taylor was dealing with a lot this summer. Between her feud with KimYe and being there for her mom, who is battling cancer, girlfriend didn’t have a lot of time to invest in this relationship.

Can We Blame Her?

If everyone was obsessed with inventing conspiracy theories about our dating relationships, we would want it to be over, too.

Let’s just state the obvious here: Tom Hiddleston was milking the paparazzi attention for all it was worth.

Remember that time he wore an “I heart T.S.” tank and temporary tattoos with her initials in them?

taylor swift

He was also pushing her to attend the Emmy Awards with him and reportedly trying to show her off like arm candy all the time, and we all know that’s not how she rolls.

At the end of the day, people are upset because Taylor didn’t marry her boyfriend of three months. Calm down. Let Taylor Swift date (and breakup with) who she wants.

P.S. Her next album dishing on all the sordid details of their relationship will be THE BEST OF ALL TIME.