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7 Reasons Taylor Swift Is A Better Role Model Than Hillary Clinton


Many lauded Hillary Clinton’s nomination as a historic first for women. Some have even gone so far as to call her a role model for young girls. But in reality, her legacy has been marred with scandal after scandal. Her rise to the apex of politics has come at a great cost to her own integrity and to the country.

Let’s give it up for a woman who actually embodies American values. Here’s 7 reasons why Taylor Swift is a better role model than Hillary Clinton.

1. She Has A Better Squad


versus this:

‘Nuff said.

2. She’s Self-Made

Taylor Swift has never used a man to boost her own fame. If anything, men act like leeches and try to drain Taylor for their 15 seconds in the spotlight (Calvin Harris, we’re looking at you). She’s famous and accomplished in her own right.

Hillary Clinton has spent most of her adult life riding the coattails of her husband, despite his reputation as a serial philander and all-around gross pervert.

Let’s stop pretending that HRC is the author of her own success story and praise someone who has accomplished things in her own right.

3. She Makes Us Proud To Be Women

Taylor is great at embracing her femininity without feeling the need to take off all her clothes. She can be friends with people she may not see eye-to-eye with (cough, cough, Lena Dunham, cough), without compromising who she is as a person.

Hillary is only interested in being friends with people who hand her gobs of money. During her tenure as secretary of State, she spent more time with Clinton Foundation donors than anyone else. She even attended the wedding of her current political rival when she knew she would get a fat check out of it.

4. She Has A Good Sense Of Humor

This video speaks for itself.

Hillary Clinton IS NOT FUNNY. Even her laugh sounds like a broken robot crying.

5. She Is Good to Her Fans

Homegirl knows that your supporters are your everything. As a public figure, she’s appreciative of their support, which keeps her in the spotlight. To say thank you, over past two Christmases, Taylor spent a large part of the holiday season sending gifts to her fans that she had picked out and wrapped herself.

This is a concept Hillary simply does not get. She’s mean to her fans. At a campaign event last July, she told a supporter who hadn’t written a fat check to her family’s slush fund to “go to the end of the line,” when she asked for an autograph.

6. She’s Generous!

Taylor understands: with great wealth comes great responsibility. She’s donated money to help the Louisiana flood victims, benefit cancer patients, and local public schools, to name a few.

By contrast, Hillary Clinton is a freaking tightwad. It would appear that she uses her so-called charitable organization as an international money laundering apparatus. In 2014, the Clinton Foundation only allotted about 10 percent of their funds to actually go towards charitable work — they spent more on office space than helping those in need. Yikes!

7. She’s Got a Better Wing Woman

Taylor Swift’s publicist, Tree Paine, is a real-life Olivia Pope.

Whether it’s a rumored feud between her and Katy Perry or the drama that is Kanye, Taylor Swift has Tree Paine in her corner to refute false claims and protect her.

Hillary’s right-hand woman, Huma Abedin, seems to be involved in many of Clinton’s scandals. While she served as an aide to Hillary Clinton in the State Department, Huma repeatedly did favors for Clinton Foundation bigwigs — perpetuating the murmurs of a pay-for-play scandal that pervaded the State Department.

We know all of this because Huma got caught up in Hillary Clinton’s email scandal. She allowed Clinton to continue using a private, unsecured email server even though she knew it was highly unusual and a violation of protocol. Huma is also really, really bad at handling government secrets in general — she once left documents containing sensitive government information in the front seat of her car while she was apparently traveling in India.

Abedin’s personal life is a messssssssss. Like her boss, she married a super-gross pervert whose sexual exploits continually dominate the headlines. At this point, it seems like Huma just might be more of a liability than she is an asset.

The choice is clear: Taylor Swift for president! If not this year, she can run as The Rock’s VP in 2020.