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Trump: Mary Katharine Ham ‘Says Only Bad Things’

Jake Tapper asks Mary Katharine Ham on CNN about Donald Trump’s opinion of her as a debate moderator.


On “The Hugh Hewitt Show” Wednesday morning, Donald Trump was asked about potential presidential debate moderators. Hewitt ran through a list of commenters who would not be unfair in a debate, but Trump had particular views when asked about The Federalist’s Mary Katharine Ham.

“Mary Katharine Ham, very fair to you,” Hewitt said.

“I’ve never gotten along with her, no.” Trump said. “No, she is not a fan of mine and I’ve never gotten along with her.”

“I don’t know her but she says only bad things, so let’s cross her name off,” Trump said.

Ham was asked about Trump’s comments Wednesday afternoon on CNN’s “The Lead” with Jake Tapper. Watch what she had to say in response.

Ham said she has had at least two nice interactions with Trump personally, once where he introduced himself, and the debate she moderated in New Hampshire, which turned out fairly well for Trump.

“As a conservative who is concerned and skeptical about those who rule us and govern us, I actually am not usually a ‘fan’ of politicians,” she said.