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Drama Evolves In Cleveland, Turkey, And Taylor Swift’s PR Team

Mollie Hemingway and Mary Katherine Ham round up this weekend’s news on Monday’s Federalist Radio Hour


Mary Katharine Ham and Mollie Hemingway break down Donald Trump’s Veep pick, the aftermath of the coup in Turkey on Friday, and the latest drama unfolding between Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

Lee Smith, senior editor at the Weekly Standard, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to explain what was happening within the Turkish government and what position should the US take. “What we’re seeing a large part here is power politics,” Smith said. “Erodgan has been looking to purge as many of these people, as many of the Gulenists as possible.”

Ham and Hemingway preview some this week’s RNC convention and what we can expect with the addition of Mike Pence to the Trump ticket. “It just seems so boring and off-brand,” Ham said of Pence. “I suspect that the Pence pick was indeed the kids and the more conventional thinkers in [Trump’s] camp,”

Last night on SnapChat, Kardashian posted videos of a phone call between her husband and Swift, completing out Swift’s claim Kanye never had permission to rap about her in his new single. “It’s been a string of bad PR that makes Taylor Swift seem like a hyper-manipulative Regina George,” Hemingway said.

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