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Why Hasn’t Hillary Been Indicted? What Are the “28 Pages”? and Other National Security Questions

The Daily Beast’s Shane Harris gives the Federalist Radio Hour the latest updates in foreign and domestic security affairs.


Shane Harris, senior correspondent at the Daily Beast, has been following American military activity in the Middle East, the developing prosecution of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal, as well as the controversial “28 pages” that remain to be declassified from Congress’ investigation of the 9/11 attacks. Harris joined today’s Federalist Radio to discuss these foreign and domestic state of affairs.

The Obama Administration has been adamant in saying that American troops are not playing a combat role against ISIS in the Middle East.

“The difference here is that we don’t have the large number of troops whose purpose is to go out and kill ISIS guys, but they’re frequently going out on raids with other forces,” Harris said. “It becomes undeniable once the larger number of people start to get killed.”

Compared to past Secretaries of State and other officials who have leaked far less classified information, Hillary Clinton should already be at the point of indictment. “People from both parties have said to me, ‘Had I done what she did, I would be in jail,'” Harris said. “I don’t know if it’s the politics that are making people hesitate… or if we just simply haven’t seen the evidence.”

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