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The Never Trump Movement Is Anti-American And Hypocritical


Far too many of my ultra-conservative colleagues are acting exactly like the party elitists they purport to despise. They didn’t get their way, so they throw a temper tantrum. Let the whining and crying begin. I don’t have time for it. I beg of you, get over it.

I’m tired of reading how the Republican Party is now “screwed.” Another headline warns, “It’s Time to Assume We’re Already Dead.” Give me a break! The Tea Party movement is alive and well here in Texas and beyond.

Ted Cruz lost. Donald Trump won. They both played by the rules. That’s how a campaign works. We have winners and losers. Instead of moving on and backing the chosen nominee, these anti-American Never Trumpers now want to scream and moan about how stupid the American voters are. It’s an arrogant response that sounds eerily similar to John Boehner and Mitch McConnell’s response after the rise of the Tea Party. They even sound like my seven-year-old son when I told him he could not have two cookies. He looked at me and pouted, “Then I don’t want any!”

Stop Being Sore Losers

This goes for you too, Speaker Ryan. You may not like it, but Trump is the boss now. It’s his party to lead. Ryan claims Trump “inherited” the party of Lincoln and Reagan. In reality, Trump won it in decisive fashion. The Never Trumpers like Ryan refuse to talk about reality. Trump has already surpassed 10 million votes. That’s more than Mitt Romney’s primary vote total from 2012 as well as John McCain’s from 2008.

I too see the reality of Trump. He’s no conservative. But right now, he’s all we have.

By the time this contest is over, “The Donald” could surpass 11 million votes, beating George Bush’s 10.8 million vote record set in 2000. Ronald Reagan only got 7.7 million votes in the GOP primary in 1980.

Clearly the GOP voters have spoken. Sadly, they aren’t as conservative as I thought. I too see the reality of Trump. He’s no conservative. But right now, he’s all we have.

Republicans like myself have always been proud of being the party of “the rule of law.” Apparently for Ryan and the Never Trump movement, that changes when they don’t get their way. We held an election; it was a fair contest.

Get Your Eye on the Prize, People

Now Ryan wants Trump to prove his allegiance to the conservative movement. By holding back a full-fledged endorsement, Ryan is actively working to destroy America by helping Hillary Clinton. Ryan wants Trump to kiss his conservative ring and plead for an endorsement. Ryan needs to grow up and stop acting like a spoiled rich kid who didn’t get what he cried for: a nominee like Jeb Bush.

Ryan needs to look at the reality of the situation we now face.

I may not be a huge Trump fan, but he is our presumptive nominee. I, like most conservatives, am not a fan of Ryan either. Trump needs to play hardball with Ryan and “The Establishment.” Trump purports to be a “deal maker.” He needs to realize he is operating from a position of strength, much to the dismay of GOP leadership. Trump and the Ryan Establishment both need each other now more than ever. Trump needs their money and support, they need Trump to win back the White House to help roll back President Obama’s damaging agenda.

After last week’s Trump-Ryan unity summit, Ryan needed to tell GOP voters that he too would vote for Trump. Instead, he played the go-to game for politicians and dodged the issue all together. By not offering his full-fledged support now, Ryan is guilty of a dereliction of duty to ensure Republicans win back the White House. Ryan needs to look at the reality of the situation we now face.

Hillary Is Horrible

Trump is certainly flawed. He’s not my kind of conservative. But he’s no liberal, either. He wants to build a border wall, beef up our military, simplify the tax code, and appoint a “Scalia-like” Supreme Court nominee. Would Hillary Clinton do any of those things? No! We only have two choices for president. We must pick the better of the two. It really is that simple.

My mission is to stop Hillary Clinton. She’s bad for America and our future. These ridiculous Never Trumpers need to get on board the Trump train now. A no vote, or a nonsensical protest vote for someone other than Trump, is a vote for Hillary Clinton. That’s disastrous.

The prospect of a Clinton presidency leaves me losing my patience with Ryan and the leaders of the Never Trump movement. I find them to be arrogant know-it-alls who may be more narcissistic than Trump. They used the Tea Party movement to help them rise to power. Now, just like the Ryan “Establishment,” they seek to control the outcome of the election. They will stop at nothing to get their way. In defeat, they act like spoiled children, not the fighters we need to help rally the conservative troops.