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7 Ways To Spring From Your Winter Fashion Rut

These easy suggestions can have you embracing spring and looking fabulous in no time.


Spring is quickly approaching, and that means that it’s time to break out of your professional dress rut and add some life to your work wardrobe. When mornings are dark and cold, it is easy to stick to the same go-to staples. But as the days start to get longer, warmer, and brighter, it’s best to rise to the occasion. It’s time to be more cognizant of your wardrobe choices.

1. Start with Spring Cleaning

Before hitting the stores, hit your closet. Begin with a good spring clean. Go through your closet and discard anything that doesn’t fit, is no longer appealing, or that you honestly haven’t worn in well over two years. Don’t just throw these pieces away, and before you donate, take them to a consignment store and see what returnable value they still hold. Even a couple of dollars for these items will go that much further in adding new pieces to your spring closet.

2. Organize Your Closet

After you’ve discarded what you no longer want, it’s time to organize what you have. Start by going through each article of clothing and organizing them accordingly. I’ve noticed that I sometimes pass up certain pieces because they need ironing, a button replaced, or have a fallen hem. Whatever the imperfection, give the appropriate attention your clothing needs, whether it be a quick trip to the dry cleaners or tailor. Taking care of the clothes you already have not only protects your investment, but it gives you the ability to really wear what you have for a longer period of time.

3. Play with Your Uniform

One of the hardest challenges to changing up your weekly attire is routine. Habits are hard to break. The simplicity of knowing what works makes it hard to try something new. To best combat the familiarity of knowing what works and what’s comfortable, start by keeping your staples, but change the top and bottom combo.

For example, the standard black sweater you constantly wear, instead of pairing it with the usual gray trousers, choose a black leather skirt or a printed pair of pants. Complement the trusty gray slacks with a white Oxford shirt and a large piece of jewelry, a colored belt, or a spring-colored sweater set. Making these spring changes can be easier if you make your decision of what to wear the night before. Your next morning will be easier. Making these small changes will also help you ease into the season without causing stress or drawing too much attention.

4. Switch In Seasonal Clothing

The spring season also means warmer temperatures. This makes it a great time to start packing the large, chunky sweaters away and bringing lighter sweaters and blouses to the forefront. Of course, weather can be unpredictable, so try layering. Start with the earlier suggested blouse, and layer with a sweater, or wear a sweater around your shoulders. Sometimes cold mornings and warmer afternoons makes this combination not only fashionable, but practical.

Don’t forget about your shoes. Spring means color. Change your usual black flats for a bold-colored pump. Pair those riding boots with a printed skirt and hued belt. Now that the temperature is being a bit less brisk, skirts are always a welcome choice for spring.

5. Try Something New

If you’re open to mixing up your standard fashion choices, I also want to challenge you to add that one piece of clothing you love and adore, but haven’t yet had the confidence to rock in public. You know the piece I am talking about, and equally re-adored it as you were doing the spring clean of your closet. It’s time to find a way to add it to the weekly mix.

Or if it’s too over-the-top, subtly integrate it into your wardrobe. If it’s a sparkled top, wear it underneath a blazer jacket or button-up sweater. Adding a little glam doesn’t only boost your confidence, but also shows a little personality. Many of us have the luxury of working in more casual work environments nowadays. If that’s your case, embrace the opportunity and wear it!

6. Now Go Shopping

Whatever the case, you should feel good about how you express yourself. Taking a good inventory of the clothes you have can better assist you in determining what clothes you need. Ask yourself: What is my closet lacking that will make getting dressed in the morning easier? Do you need more colored cardigans, light-weight jackets, or just colored pieces in general? Would you have more flexibility if you had more skin-tone-colored shoes? I find that knowing what you need does make it easier when you hit the stores.

7. Sketch Out Possibilities

Making a change does not have to be drastic, but does require a little time and creativity. Challenge yourself to not wear the same combinations as you have during the past wintry months. A helpful suggestion would be to create a fashion journal or Pinterest board of some of your ideas, and work from there. You will be surprised what thoughts and styling options appear.

So spring out of the winter rut and take full advantage of what the new season has to offer. These easy suggestions can have you embracing spring and looking fabulous in no time.