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That New Anti-Trump Ad Quoting His Insults Against Women Misses The Mark

A new anti-Trump ad features women reading some of the sexist things he’s said. Overwrought and humorless, it falls flat during a Republican primary.


Our Principles PAC has a new ad out. It features women quoting some of the vile, hateful and generally sexist things that Donald Trump has said about women. Let’s take a look:

Donald Trump is an opposition researcher’s dream. He’s said so many awful things about so many different people and ideas that there aren’t enough hours in the day to cover even a fraction of them.

And yet I can’t help but think this ad completely misses the mark of how to present negative information about Donald Trump. Admittedly, I’m a strong woman who never fell for the “War on Women” silliness of recent years. So I may not be the right judge.

This ad would be a great ad if the target were a conventional politician about whom not much was known. But the target is Donald Trump, a man who has been known for his misogyny for years. For decades! Telling us he’s a misogynist by reminding us of the stupid or immature things he’s said is too easy — and too ineffective.

Yes, we know he has called various women bimbos, dogs, fat pigs, flat-chested malcontents, fat-ugly-faced losers, etc. Yes, we know he has tried to fill up his insecurity by hiring sleeping with women who put up with him in exchange for whatever. He seems to have a special insecurity around strong women, but it’s not like he does that while avoiding insults at men.

But the ad lacks any humor — not even the “humor” he used in saying these lame things. Also, it includes him saying Princess Diana was tall and pretty but also crazy. So? Who cares? I mean, I’m sure Prince William and Prince Harry have heard worse about their mum and they don’t seem to be spending their days crying.

Having a bunch of women, each and every one who seem to have answered a casting call for “public elementary school teacher,” read off things we already know without cracking so much as a smile has to be the least effective tool to deploy against Trump. The ending, “This is how Donald Trump talks about our mothers, our sisters, our daughters. If you think we deserve better, vote against him,” or whatever it says, is as overwrought as a Sally Struthers infomercial.

Yes, Trump has a YUGE gender gap problem. Maybe this will remind Republican voters of how unbelievably dangerous it will be to nominate such a character whose gender gap problems are epic. But I’m not sure.

This anti-Trump ad would work if it were funny. It would even work if it just straight up mocked the short-fingered vulgarian. But to go Feminist DEFCON 1 in the humorlessness department in the midst of a Republican primary, of all things, is a waste of an opportunity.