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What Conservatives can Expect from CPAC with Chairman Matt Schlapp

Matt Schlapp shares from his years as Bush’s political director to his role as Chairman of the ACU.


In light of next week’s summit of conservatives to the DC area for CPAC, the chairman of the American Conservative Union, Matt Schlapp, joined the Federalist Radio Hour. He gave a preview of what CPAC attendees can expect from the conference, explained how all the rules have been thrown out when it comes to presidential campaigns have changed, and shared stories from his years in the Bush White House.

Schlapp said that stand-alone fiery speeches are only good for a period of time and don’t actually help educate activists and advance the cause. “If activists don’t learn how to be more effective activists, then I feel like we’ve wasted our time,” he said. “It’s not really about a show, because that’s demeaning. It’s about getting something done.”

On how presidential campaigns are being reevaluated, Schlapp said he think things are not just a product of Donald Trump, but marks a significant change. “Donald Trump is a reflection of trends in society,” he said. “Media is changing, has been changing. Things have changed dramatically.”

Later in the hour, he described what it was like to work in George W. Bush’s oval office and shared some of the lessons in leadership he gained.

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