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New Hampshire Primary Possibilities and Predictions on Federalist Radio

National Review’s Charles C. W. Cooke predicts the future of conservatism post-2016 election.


Today’s New Hampshire primary is going to tell us a lot about the candidates, the pollsters, and who is dropping out next. Charles C. W. Cooke, writer at National Review, and Ian Aldrich, senior editor at Yankee Magazine, joined the Federalist Radio to speculate on the first primary of the 2016 election.

Cooke and Domenech discussed how conservatism may or may not endure and adapt through this election year. “None of the candidates except for Donald Trump would excel the end of conservatism,” he said. “It can’t be killed…but it might hurt conservatism in the United States for a long time.”

And reporting from New Hampshire, Ian Aldrich discussed the state’s midnight voting phenomenon and the ground work he’s seen from candidates from for the last year. “I think with this election, there has been a lot of energy behind it on both sides,” he said. “It’s felt more palpable than it has in year’s past.”

Domenech said this election could do a lot of damage to pollsters’ reputations if results don’t line up with the predictions they have sustained for months. “This is a situation where pollsters are really hoping Trump wins tonight.”

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