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Rand Paul, Socialism, and Why Your Vote Doesn’t Matter

Katherine Mangu-Ward explains why millennials have no idea what it means to be a socialist or a progressive.


Katherine Mangu-Ward, writer and editor at Reason magazine, joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the evolution of socialism, the democratic debate, this election’s libertarian moment, and why you shouldn’t vote.

She said after a poll Reason conducted over a year ago, they discovered that millennials have no idea what the word “socialist” means. “I think it’s telling that the word that got said so many times in the Democratic debate that actually started losing it’s meaning was, ‘progressive,’” she said. “That’s a far more relevant word and that is what we’re really talking about here.”

Rand Paul’s success or failure isn’t determinative of the success or failure of libertarian ideas. Mangu-Ward said she doesn’t think that his dropping out of the race should be interpreted as the libertarian moment wasn’t real. “I think part of Ron Paul’s success, was that he was the wacky one on the stage and with Trump sucking all the air out of room, I think the breath of fresh air thing just didn’t work this time around.”

Later in the hour, Mangu-Ward explains how voting will not change the outcome of an election or even a close election. “Complaining is a far more fundamental right than voting is a duty.”

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