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Endorsements, Socialism, and Surprises in Iowa with Betsy Woodruff


Federalist Radio: Betsy Woodruff and Ben Domenech discuss latest news from campaign trails and political media.


Betsy Woodruff is a politics reporter at the Daily Beast and joined the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss presidential candidate endorsements, the National Review Symposium, and Bernie Sanders’ recent gains, all before she heads to Iowa next week.

After contributing to National Review’s symposium, “Conservatives Against Trump,” Domenech said the hate mail he is receiving now is markedly different than previous hate mail he’s received after writing on Donald Trump. “A lot of the people who are writing now are making less of an argument about an issue, whereas before, it was mostly about immigration,” he said. “Now, it’s ‘you’re just part of the establishment.’”

Woodruff said she thinks most voters aren’t ideological. “Most people don’t go into the voting booth and think, ‘Will I be able to tell my friends I’m a conservative?’” she said.

They discuss how the term socialism has evolved and how a large number of voters now have not lived long enough to remember the Cold War, or to at least have a strong negative association with it. “Socialism never went away,” Domenech said. “Basically, it’s something that seems OK in the scheme of things, and the fact that so many republicans have spent time calling Obama a socialist makes it seem even more mainstream.”

Later in the hour, they discuss the news of Liberty University President Jerry Falwell Jr. endorsing Donald Trump. “The Falwell family has always liked powerful people,” Woodruff said. “It’s not surprising that Jerry Falwell Jr. would be so comfortable aligning himself with someone who is not very conservative, but very influential, very powerful and very competitive.”

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