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Hilarious Blacksmith Uses Science To Shut Down Insane ‘Fire Can’t Melt Steel’ 9/11 Truthers

In just two minutes, this blacksmith incinerates idiotic 9/11 truthers who are convinced 9/11 was a conspiracy because fire can’t melt steel.


Give this man a medal. In just two minutes, blacksmith Trenton Tye of Purgatory Ironworks uses science to hilarious effect to mock 9/11 truthers who insist the 2001 terrorist attacks were a conspiracy. And why are these nutters convinced the whole thing was an inside job? Because fire can’t melt steel (Seriously, read through that entire 9/11 conspiracy theory thread. It is amazing.)

Tye, a professional metalworker based in Georgia, has had enough. He filmed the following video to prove to science-hating 9/11 conspiracy mongers once and for all that structural steel will absolutely lose its structural integrity if it gets too hot:

“So I am taking time out of my busy day to try to put to rest one of the more moronic things I have seen on the Internet lately, and that’s saying something,” Tye tells the camera. “‘Jet fuel only burns at 1,500 degrees and since steel melts at 2,700 degrees, 9/11 was a conspiracy!'”

“What I am upset about is the retarded metallurgical things that you guys are saying. I’m not arguing the facts,” Tye says. “Jet fuel does in fact burn at 1,500 degrees. Some carbon steels will start melting at 2,300 degrees. But if you hold this up as a reason for conspiracy, you are an idiot!”

To prove his point, Tye compared the structural strength of a room-temperature piece of steel to the strength of one that had been heated to 1,800 degrees in his workshop’s furnace.

“It’s very hot, but not melted,” Tye notes by tapping the piece of steel on an anvil.

“Half-inch solid steel. Check it out,” Tye says as he bends the solid steel rod back and forth using only his pinkie finger. “It’s a freakin’ noodle!”

“Your argument is invalid. Get over it!” Tye exclaims as he drops the mic by dropping the glowing steel rod. “Find a job!”

We salute you, Trenton Tye. You are a real American hero. Godspeed.