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The New Trump-Carson Feud, Campus Unrest and the Value of Philosophers

Robert Tracinski hosts The Federalist Radio Hour with Jay Cost, Rachel Lu and Asawin Suebsaeng.


Today on The Federalist Radio Hour, senior editor Robert Tracinski covers all sorts of recent headlines from Trump’s nine-minute attack on Carson on Thursday, to Ted Cruz’s Princess Bride impression.

Jay Cost, staff writer at the Weekly Standard and author of What’s So Bad About Cronyism?, helps analyze the 2016 candidates and voters. Cost said he thinks Trump has more or less peaked as far as polls go.

“When you look more closely at the polling data, it’s really hard to envision him getting more than he’s getting right now,” Cost said.

Asawin Suebsaeng, deputy social media manager at the Daily Beast, gives his perspective on the free speech unrest at American universities. Suebsaeng said in comparing these protests to the civil rights and radical leftism protests of the ‘60s, we should find these Millennials protests over political correctness more refreshing.

“In one way you could look at it and say we’ve made a lot of progress with college kids. They’re less violent student-organized protests than they used to be,” he said.

Rachel Lu, senior contributor at the Federalist and resident philosopher, talk about the value of a degree in philosophy in light of Marco Rubio’s recent comments dismissing the study.

“Among the things that philosophers value are the ability to understand abstract ideas, make clear arguments, to express thoughts in concise and precise ways,” she said. “Even people who aren’t going to working on academic philosophy professionally, there’s a lot of value to the study of philosophy.”

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