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Star Wars Hot Takes with Sonny Bunch and David Harsanyi

What can we expect from The Force Awakens and why should feminists hate the Jedi mind trick?


For weeks now, the internet has been flooded with arguments surrounding Star Wars in expectation of the franchise’s latest movie. Today on the Federalist Radio Hour, we discussed some of those arguments with the very writers who made them. Sonny Bunch, Jonathan Last, Lyman Stone, and David Harsanyi weigh in on the Jedi and the Empire.

Bunch, executive editor at the Washington Free Beacon, said that we can expect to be disappointed by The Force Awakens because life is nothing but a series of escalating disappointments until you die.

“You are never going to recapture that first thrill of Star Wars–that’s never going to happen again. Certainly not in the Star Wars universe,” he said.

Bunch and Lyman Stone, contributor at the Federalist, argued whether the destruction of Alderaan and mass murder was justified.

“Sonny’s argument that this is somehow a legitimate military target, that these people can be viewed as combatant, is nonsense on it’s face that comes from, I would say, not simply watching the movies enough times,” he said.

Jonathan Last, a senior writer for the Weekly Standard, explains why the Jedi are actually the bad guys, what feminists should find problematic about the Jedi mind trick and why the Empire is not actually that evil.

“For one thing, the Jedi, they love slavery,” he said. “You never once see any example, in any of the six movies, of the Empire enslaving anybody.”

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