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James Sherk Explains How Labor Unions Are Like Cartels

On the Federalist Radio Hour we talk labor unions, the media’s lockstep reporting on Planned Parenthood, and news from the NFL.


Today The Federalist Radio Hour is joined by James Sherk, research fellow in labor economics at The Heritage Foundation. He explains how unions are blowing gaskets across the country, the differences between right-to-work and non right-to-work states, and the economics behind the government’s interference with employee benefits.

Obama recently commented that the middle class has suffered because unions have become weaker. Sherk suggests that unions are essentially cartels. “They are cartels in that instead of controlling the supply of oil like OPEC does, they try and control the supply of labor,” he said. “A cartel is a wonderful thing if it’s a) functional, and b) you’re on the inside of it.”

Neil Greenberg, sports writer and stats geek at the Washington Post, gives his predictions for the World Series and recaps the latest from Sunday’s NFL games.

Greenberg said that while the Royals are returning to the world series for a second consecutive year, the New York Mets can’t be discounted and that they better hope Daniel Murphy’s streak continues.  “He was 53 times more likely to be struck by lightning than he was to hit a homerun in six straight games. He’s got the hot bat for sure,” he said.

Finally, the Washington Examiner reporter Becket Adams, explains his latest interactions with multiple members of the media and their supposed coverage of the Planned Parenthood videos.

He said the storyline that these videos have been selectively edited is a narrative created by PR teams and the media echo chamber. “I collected more than a dozen examples of people either giving Planned Parenthood this platform, or saying it themselves, and I contacted all of them and asked them the simple question which was, ‘Have you seen the videos?’”

Adams discovered that not a single one could answer his question. As the media continues to parrot each other and moving in lockstep, “it explains why next to Congress, media as a whole (whether it’s newspaper, online, or television) is the second most distrusted institution in the United States according to PEW polling data,” he said.

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