Why The Iran Deal Is Still A Bad Deal And Only Getting Worse

Why The Iran Deal Is Still A Bad Deal And Only Getting Worse

Rebeccah Heinrichs, fellow at the Hudson Institute, joins the Federalist Radio Hour today to discuss the Iran Nuclear Deal, issues in Syria and other foreign policy issues the White House has discombobulated.

Heinrichs said that even though many negative reports have come to light since the Iran deal was finalized, the administration is still deterred to keep it going. “The longer the American people have to actually see what’s in this deal, the more unpopular it becomes,” she said.

Iran has demonstrated their willingness to violate UN standards of security. “The Iranians have no intention of actually proving that they are willing to be a part of the international community here,” Heinrichs said.

Later in the hour, the Washington Post’s sportswriter Neil Greenberg joins the conversation to give us the Monday update on the weekend’s NFL news. He explains why Peyton Manning is struggling in Denver and why the Carolina Panthers are not the team that everyone thinks they are.

“The Carolina Panthers have played the weakest set of games in the entire NFL,” he said. “They’re an average team. This isn’t the team that dominates on any side of the ball.”

Greenberg also gives insight on the Cubs-Mets series, specifically Daniel Murphy’s unbeatable performance. “It’s really tremendous what the Mets have been able to do,” he said. “We’ll see if they can sustain it in Wrigley, but right now the best way to neutralize Daniel Murphy is just to walk him.”

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