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Breaking News Alert Elon Musk: Democrat Hate Drives Me To Vote Republican

Federalist Radio Breaks Down the Winners and Losers of The GOP Debate

Ben reviews the tape of last night’s debate, critiques candidates, and predicts future opportunities.


On today’s episode of Federalist Radio, Ben offers post debate analysis with James Antle, Politics Editor of The Washington Examiner. Together, they score round two of the GOP primary contest.

Senior Federalist contributor, Amy Otto, reports on what she saw firsthand from the spin room at the Reagan Library. Among the press, Trump generated the strongest response she says. “The media loves Trump. They adore Trump because they know him.”

Later, Betsy Woodruff of The Daily Beast gives her take on the night. While highlighting the performance of Carly Fiorina, Woodruff stresses that there remain “a lot of voters who aren’t married to any particular candidate.”

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