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Breaking News Alert How A Republican Congress Can Protect Health-Care Workers From The Biggest Federal Erasure Of Their Conscience Rights Ever

John Schindler Says Hillary Clinton’s Team Consciously Violated US Secrecy Laws

Hillary Clinton isn’t stupid. There had to be a reason her team violated fundamental US secrecy laws.


“Hillary Clinton has had plenty of problems,” John Schindler says, but “stupidity has never been one of them.” A retired NSA counterintelligence officer and accomplished author, Schindler analyzes the growing email scandal that continues to plague the former Secretary of State.

On Federalist Radio, Schindler explains how Hillary Clinton’s team decided to “consciously violate very fundamental secrecy laws of the US Government.” Later in the program, Schindler briefs Ben on the numerous threats facing the United States around the globe.

Finally, David Daleiden of the Center For Medical Progress reports on his organization’s continued investigation of Planned Parenthood.

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