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Does The First Amendment Protect The Release of Videos Exposing Planned Parenthood?

Ben speaks with two legal scholars about the First Amendment rights of the organization releasing the videos exposing Planned Parenthood.


A Los Angeles court has ordered the Center for Medical Progress not to publish further video exposing Planned Parenthood’s sale of aborted babies. Another Federal Court has also barred the release of specific documents pertinent to CMP’s investigation. On Federalist Radio today, Ben cuts through the legalese with scholars from Powerline Legal Blog and the Alliance Defense Fund.

Paul Mirengoff, a lawyer and author at Power Line Blog, explains that both courts have made use of prior restraint, an instrument barring free expression before publication. He says that this legal mechanism has long been deemed as unconstitutional and highly unfavorable in most cases.

Casey Mattox, Senior Council for the Alliance Defense Fund, predicts that, “in the long run, these videos will keep coming out.”

Also during the program, the founder of Puerto Rico Clearing House, Cate Long, explains how that US territory ended up in default for the first time in history.

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