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It Can Be Done, President Obama: Here Are Five Heartwarming ‘Kumbaya’ Moments In The Middle East

Obama is selling the area short short. Many Middle East frenemies have often come together in recent years. Here’s are just a few examples.


On Tuesday, Barack Obama continued distancing himself from our former allies in Israel, explaining that his relationship with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was not about a personality conflict, but “very clear, substantive” difference of opinion about where we go in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Perhaps when the Iranians have their 6,000 centrifuges and a mini-terror state is erected in the West Bank, Obama will bring Israel back into our warm embrace. But for now, the president went onto explain that he has a “very businesslike relationship with the prime minister. I’ve met with him more than any other world leader. I talk to him all the time. So this can’t be reduced to somehow a matter of let’s all hold hands and sing ‘Kumbaya.'”

Obama is selling the area a bit short. Many factions – including both Sunni and Shia – have often come together in moments of friendship in recent years. And if there’s one thing that brings them together, it’s Israel. Here are just a few examples:

Iran and Hamas

Iran’s Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Hosseini Khamenei embraces Hamas’ own Ismail Haniyeh. After a few years of strained relations, Iran has once again promised to help fund the terror organization (or what Jonathan Chait likes to refer to as a “political party”) in it’s fight against the Zionist regime.

Syria and Iran

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad (on the right), who recently dropped chlorine gas on some troublemaking kids, yucks it up with Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi. The meeting was held to discuss ways to deter Zionist incursions.

hamas and abbas

Frenemies Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal shake hands after the latter agreed on a three-stage plan that would create an independent Palestinian state. Who says there can’t be unity in the new Palestine?

Hassan Nasrallah dan Khalid Misyaal

Boy, does Khaled Meshaal get around. Here he is visiting with Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah. A recent letter from Hamas’ military wing urged the northern Iranian proxy to join forces. “The true enemy of the nation is the Zionist enemy and all rifles must be directed against it. All forces of resistance must direct their coming battle as one.”

Erdogan Mesal

Smiles all around. Noted anti-Semite and U.S. ally, Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan, meets with Meshaal. At this encounter, it was reported that Mashaal asked the Turkish leader to dissuade the Jewish State from retaliating after the terrorist group murdered three Israeli teens.