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VIDEO: Lois Lerner’s Neighbors Don’t Seem To Like Her Very Much

An investigative reporter tracked down Lois Lerner in her neighborhood, and the video of the event is amazing.


Reporter and video guru Jason Mattera managed to track down IRS scofflaw Lois Lerner, and the results are pretty amazing.

Mattera caught up to Lois Lerner as she was walking her dog in her neighborhood and did his best to ask her questions about her role in the ongoing IRS targeting scandal. Lerner was the head of the non-profit division of the IRS when details first emerged that the agency had been unfairly targeting conservative organizations.

In the video, it becomes apparent very quickly that Lerner does not like providing answers nearly as much as she enjoyed demanding them from conservative organizations:

At one point, Lerener even tried to wrangle her way into a neighbor’s home in order to avoid answering Mattera’s questions. Earlier this year, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to hold her in contempt for refusing to answer questions about or cooperate with the congressional investigation of the IRS.

The most amazing part of Mattera’s video isn’t his questions or even Lois Lerner’s response to them — it’s how her own neighbors treated her when she tried to enter their home to escape Mattera’s questions.

“Could you call the police, please” Lerner asked as she knocked on the door of a neighbor’s home while Mattera and his cameraman stood harmessly several steps behind here.

When a woman who lived in the home answered the door, she did not seem pleased with Lerner’s intrusion.

“Wait a minute. I’ve got a broken…I’ve just had surgery. Can you wait?” the unidentified woman said to Lerner.

“You don’t feel bad that you used government as a weapon to crush political dissent?” Mattera asked Lerner while she waited for her neighbor to rescue her from the indignity of having to answer questions about her taxpayer-funded work at the IRS.

“Please let me in,” Lerner said to her neighbor. “These guys are the press and they’re not leaving me alone. I just want to come in for a second.”

“Can I go in the garage?” Lerner pleaded. “I really need to come in for one second.”

At that point, the neighbor’s husband came outside to confront Mattera and Lerner.

“She’s trying to get in your house. She doesn’t want to answer questions,” Mattera told the man, who then interjected and said, “But I don’t want her in my house!”

“I don’t blame you,” Mattera responded. “I wouldn’t want her in my house either. She might bring the government after you.”