Mollie Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor
Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist. A longtime journalist, her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post, CNN, National Review, GetReligion, Ricochet, Christianity Today, Federal Times, Radio & Records and many other publications. Mollie was a 2004 recipient of a Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship. Reach her at
I’ve Seen The Future. It’s Comedy Speakeasies.

As comedians face increasing pressure from social justice warriors for comedy that isn’t even that transgressive, the only place to go is underground.

Bill Nye Celebrating Earth Day With…An Air Force One Flight?

Bill Nye “The Science Guy” is taking an unnecessary flight on a jet to mark Earth Day. Is there anything that better encapsulates progressive hypocrisy?

Madonna Quotes Margaret Thatcher. What Happened Next Is Awful.

The pop star quoted Thatcher discussing the futility of doing things to be popular. When people complained, Madonna did what she had to do to remain popular

Pro-Life Politicos: ‘We Were On Defense. Now We’re On Offense.’

Emboldened by a string of electoral and media victories, pro-life candidates have figured out how to put abortion rights supporters on the defensive.

Gwyneth Paltrow Doesn’t Know How To Shop For Food On A Budget

Gwyneth Paltrow doesn’t know much about Federal food stamps. She’s confused about how much families get from it and whether they should buy 7 limes a week.

8 Reasons Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Will Be A Trainwreck

Weary citizens of the United States, Hillary Clinton has finally announced what we already knew: she’s running for president. Here’s why it’s going to be awful.

There’s No Crying In Journalism! Quit Whining About Rand Paul

Rand Paul mildly pushed back against journalist Savannah Guthrie and political reporters whined about it. If they can’t handle that, what can they handle?

Airport Security Stole Nursing Mother Alyssa Milano’s Breastmilk

Airport security is bad for everyone. But Alyssa Milano had to endure Heathrow Airport security confiscating the breastmilk she’d just pumped.

Finally! Rand Paul Exposes Media’s Serious Abortion Double Standards

The media only ask pro-lifers questions about abortion. It’s far past time to ask radical pro-choice politicians some tough questions about their views.

Major League Baseball’s New Time Rules Are Awesome

Thanks to Major League Baseball’s new limits on breaks between innings and pitching changes, fans are being treated to surprisingly well-paced games.

Meet 10 Americans Helped By Religious Freedom Bills Like Indiana’s

Ignore the hysteria against Indiana’s religious freedom bill. Here are 10 actual Americans who used religious freedom legislation to fight for their rights.

Colorado: Stabbing And Cutting A Baby Out Of A Mother’s Womb Isn’t Murder

Colorado won’t file murder charges against a woman who cut a baby out of its mother’s womb, killing it. You can thank the pro-choice abortion lobby.

SalesForce CEO: I Can Do Business With Communist China, But Not Indiana

SalesForce CEO Marc Benioff is pulling business out of Indiana because of a new religious liberty bill. He’s staying in China, which tortures people.

Obama’s Bowe Bergdahl Gambit Was Wrong But It Kind Of Worked

Obama painted Bowe Bergdahl as a hero when swapped for five high-ranking Taliban. Even though he’s now charged with desertion, they kind of got away with it

Cosmopolitan: Kill Your Unborn Baby If You Want. Just Don’t Smoke While Pregnant.

Cosmopolitan says unborn babies don’t like it when their mothers smoke. Sounds legit. So why is Cosmo fine with those same babies being killed in utero?

With Race Together, Starbucks Is Using Worst Of Evangelical Practices

In 2004, a pilot asked Christian passengers to spend their flight conversing with non-Christians. Starbucks copied that for its Race Together campaign.

Human Trafficking Filibuster Proves Abortion Lobby Controls Democrats

Democrats loved an anti-human trafficking bill until abortion rights groups demanded they fight it over a popular provision. Most complied immediately.

Want More Sex? Ignore Sheryl Sandberg and Her Silly Talk About Choreplay

Sheryl Sandberg says applying feminism to chores will lead to more sex. The study she cites actually says traditional gender roles lead to more sex.

‘The Jinx': Hot Mic Confession Or Not, Robert Durst Will Probably Skate

“What the hell did I do? Killed them all, of course,” said Robert Durst. But is it enough to convict? Not by a long shot.

A Line Edit Of Hillary Clinton’s Disastrous Email Press Conference

Hillary Clinton gave a press conference about how and why she built a private server for her government communications. It went poorly. This poorly.

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