Mollie Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor
Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist. A longtime journalist, her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post, CNN, National Review, GetReligion, Ricochet, Christianity Today, Federal Times, Radio & Records and many other publications. Mollie was a 2004 recipient of a Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship. Reach her at
5 Reasons Donald Trump Could Do Better Than Predicted

Analysts say Hillary Clinton will crush Donald Trump in the general. The early polls are bad for him but here are a few things that could help him.

Amy Schumer Commits A Violent Crime Against Comedy

Amy Schumer’s most recent TV episode is about gun control. But she forgot the most important thing about comedy shows: they should be funny.

There’s Nothing Sexist About Saying Madonna’s Way Too Old For Buttless Pants

Madonna’s outfit for last night’s Met Ball showcased her bootay and ta-tas. Feminists say nobody can critique the aging Baby Boomer’s appearance.

How The Abortion Industry Bought Off The Top Democratic Leader Investigating Planned Parenthood

The ranking Democrat investigating Planned Parenthood’s role in selling human organs from aborted babies needs to explain these huge conflicts of interest.

5 Quick Takeaways From Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’

Beyoncé dropped a surprise album on Saturday night, and her fans went wild with joy. Here’s why ‘Lemonade’ made such a big splash.

11 Quick Takeaways From House Hearing On Aborted Baby Parts Trafficking

The market for aborted baby parts is significant, growing, and operating in violation of federal law, witnesses testified at a House hearing.

Are You Planning A Cake Hoax? These 5 Tips Will Make Sure It’s A Success

Are you a social justice warrior considering a PR stunt to highlight your pet political issue? Follow these 5 tips to make sure nobody accuses you of perpetrating an obvious cake hoax.

3 Major Problems With ‘Confirmation,’ HBO’s Anita Hill History Rewrite

HBO debuted a fictional account of Anita Hill’s role in the Clarence Thomas Supreme Court confirmation hearings. Don’t fall for it.

‘Eye For An Eye’ Shows Donald Trump Needs The Gospel

Donald Trump says his favorite Bible verse is a ‘mean’ verse about justice. It’s not mean, and he misinterpreted it, but we could all learn from it.

Colorado Trump Voter Who Cried Foul Was Told Of County Assembly, Never Showed Up

Records show a Colorado state representative personally explained the importance of Colorado’s voting procedures to Trump fan who claims he was in the dark.

Colorado Proves Donald Trump Can’t Handle The Rigors Of A Campaign

How is Donald Trump going to be an awesome president when he can’t even run a mildly functional operation in Colorado?

Hillary Clinton Isn’t Qualified. Deal With It

The media rushed to protect Hillary Clinton when her qualifications were criticized. That doesn’t change the fact that she’s not good at the jobs she’s held.

Hillary Clinton’s Subway Stunt Fools Reporters

Hillary Clinton’s campaign is trying to make her seem like she’s a normal person. The media are helping her not come off like the Lucille Bluth she is.

Blue Jays Manager Shouldn’t Be Dressed Down For Second Base Slide Rule Complaint

Jays manager John Gibbons complained that MLB’s new slide rule will turn players into wusses. Social justice warriors are crying about it.

We Really Need Baseball This Year

Baseball survived earthquakes and 9/11. It can help us survive a political season during which Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are the frontrunners.

4 Reasons Donald Trump’s Abortion Answer Was A Betrayal Of Pro-Lifers

Donald Trump’s claim, since walked back, that women who seek abortion should be punished shows a dangerous ignorance of the pro-life movement.

5 Running Mate Ideas For Donald Trump, Should He Win Nomination

If businessman Donald Trump gets the GOP nomination, here are five ideas for who he should consider for his vice president.

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal Vetoes Religious Liberty, Media Cheer Him On

Georga Gov. Nathan Deal vetoed religious liberty protections on Monday, leading many in media to cheer him on while exposing their own bias and ignorance.

3 Problems With Media Coverage Of Attacks On Heidi Cruz

The media’s responses to Donald Trump’s threats to and disparagement of Heidi Cruz are a good example of how much they’ve enabled him during this campaign.

The Easter Bunny’s War On Easter Is Going Too Far

If you celebrate Easter with fake bunny ears, you’re set. But what if you celebrate Jesus’ resurrection?