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Mollie Hemingway
Mollie Hemingway, Senior Editor
Mollie Ziegler Hemingway is a senior editor at The Federalist. A longtime journalist, her work has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Los Angeles Times, the Guardian, the Washington Post, CNN, National Review, GetReligion, Ricochet, Christianity Today, Federal Times, Radio & Records and many other publications. Mollie was a 2004 recipient of a Phillips Foundation Journalism Fellowship. Reach her at
Is President Obama Appalled By Claire Shipman, Too?

President Obama said he didn’t believe women choose flexible hours over pay increases. His press secretary’s wife, ABC News’ Claire Shipman, is one of them.

Dana Milbank Is Incoherent On Marriage

The Washington Post’s Dana Milbank mocked the idea that marriage is good for society. A week later he accidentally proved that it is.

Even President Obama Struggles To Speak Well Of His Spouse

President Obama occasionally makes jokes at the expense of his wife. We all should remember the benefits of speaking well of our spouse in public.

What Everyone’s Missing In the “Equal Pay” Debate

The White House’s pay inequality campaign bombed yesterday. But media discussions still miss the point of what many women seek in life.

The Rise Of The Same-Sex Marriage Dissidents

Brendan Eich’s dissident stand forces those of us who are still capable of it to pause and think deeply on what it means to have a free society.

Chuck Lorre’s Hollywood Hypocrisy On Marriage And The Pill

A show about a divorced mom who is also the mom of a teen mom and the daughter of a single mom isn’t a good way to attack the benefits marriage.

New York Times Skates Close To Apocalyptic Self-Parody

Remember the old joke about the New York Times headline: “World Ends Tomorrow! Women and Minorities Hardest Hit!” Yeah, about that.

Masha Gessen’s Mixed Messages On Putin, Gays, And Civilizational Chaos

Masha Gessen says that Putin’s war on gays is really a war on the West. It’s an interesting line, given what she’s said about gay marriage.

Opening Day Doesn’t Need Government Help To Be A National Holiday

Some people want to turn Opening Day of baseball into a federal holiday. That’s a really bad idea. And not just because it already is a national holiday.

3 Lessons From World Vision’s Doctrinal Debacle

On Monday, the $1 billion evangelical anti-poverty group World Vision announced it would change its hiring requirements. By Wednesday it had changed back.

Five Ways Michelle Obama Is A Great First Lady

The New Republic ran a scathing article on Michelle Obama. But in some ways, it showed she has some seriously admirable traits.

Should Unborn Babies Be Used To Heat Hospitals?

Do pro-choice activists think it’s in any way wrong to use unborn children for heating fuel? And, if so, could they explain why?

If Feminists Like Women, Why Are They Constantly Trying To Change Us?

Feminism mostly seems to be about making women feel bad for the way we are and trying to make us more like men. Enough already.

The New York Times’ 3 Worst Corrections On Christian Holidays*

It turns out that Transfiguration is not about “Moses and the Buddha meeting the wandering rabbi on a mountaintop while traveling to a wedding in Cana.”

Can The AP Be Trusted To Cover The Abortion Issue Fairly?

In the latest example, an AP reporter made deceptive claims about abortion opponents involving “Satan worshippers and savages.” But it’s worse than that.

The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About The New Ban Bossy Campaign

Ban bossy? Making people feel bad for using adjectives is pretty bossy.

It’s Time For Lena Dunham To Admit She’s A Culture War Double Agent

If someone found out that Rick Santorum’s film company had been secretly bankrolling Lena Dunham’s ‘Girls,’ would anyone be that surprised?

What The Dallas Buyer’s Club Tells Us About Crony Capitalism

“Crony capitalism is regular capitalism’s in-bred cousin,” explains Andrew Heaton in this irreverent look at the economics of Dallas Buyer’s Club.

Just How Poorly Did Wendy Davis Do Last Night?

Inside newsrooms, Wendy Davis couldn’t be more popular. But with Texas voters, even after massive outreach efforts, Wendy Davis is struggling.

Mainstream Media Go Full Godwin On Gay Rights

Relentlessly misrepresenting adults and their views is one thing. Going after kids is just bullying.

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