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Mark Hemingway
Mark Hemingway
Mark Hemingway is a senior writer at The Weekly Standard. Follow him on Twitter at @heminator
Is This The Beginning Of The End Of Europe?

In his new book, ‘The End of Europe,’ journalist James Kirchick provides ample reasons to worry that Europe is once again a power keg of illiberal attitudes and political instability.

An Autopsy On ‘The Death Of Expertise’

In his new book ‘The Death of Expertise,’ Tom Nichols takes a sobering and witty look at why the information age has paradoxically become a bonfire of of arrogance and ignorance that threatens to engulf us all.

Why The Press Needs To Stop Comparing Everything To Watergate

By now, John Dean’s pronouncements on the scandals du jour have become one of the most predictable tropes in political journalism.

The Art Of Living And Writing Freely Can Save Us From Ourselves

In his new book ‘The Art of Being Free,’ James Poulos puts twenty-first-century popular culture and the Western canon in a blender and comes up with a wholly original book that reshapes what we think about freedom.

3 Dumb Arguments About Donald Trump’s Win Democrats Need To Stop Making Immediately

Why are Democrats doing everything in their power to make sure Donald Trump runs roughshod over them and wins so much he gets sick of winning?

How To Talk To A Millennial About Donald Trump This Thanksgiving

You and I both know that as much as you claim to dislike returning to Grand Rapids, you wanted to be here. It was just too depressing to watch Netflix alone in that dreary shoebox you rent in Red Hook.

Hillary Clinton Was The Lady Ghostbusters Of Presidential Candidates

It turns out that people liked the original, male version of the Clinton candidacy a lot more than the expensive reboot.

The Literary Inspiration Behind ‘Stranger Things’

It’s not all Steven Spielberg and John Carpenter references—Netflix’s hit show is also an ’80s nostalgia trip for fans of the decade’s horror novels and pulp fiction.

This Blockbuster Book Explores The State Of Hillbilly America

J.D. Vance’s memoir ‘Hillbilly Elegy’ offers a personal and informative look at the cultural and economic forces that are causing white America to come undone.

Shut Up About Matt Damon ‘Whitewashing’ Chinese History

Constance Wu isn’t all that appreciably closer than Matt Damon is to the culture and mindset of playing a Chinese guy who lived hundreds of years ago.

The Federalist Guide To Summer Reading

Looking for a good beach read this summer? The Federalist writers have plenty of suggestions for you.

Piecing America’s ‘Fractured Republic’ Back Together

Yuval Levin’s new book takes a look a ways to keep America from coming apart at the cultural and political seams. Ed Whelan, Rachel Lu, Jonah Goldberg, R.R. Reno, and John Stonestreet weigh in.

Hillary Clinton’s Non-Apology Fails The Spousal Test For Political Honesty

Needlessly elaborate verbal trainwrecks designed to dodge accountability don’t exactly foster trust between voters and politicians.

Silence Is Death: The Generational Case For Free Speech

Speak and live with an eye towards what truths you will leave championed when you die.

Bernie Supporters’ Hatred Of Work Is Why Trump Supporters Are So Mad

The cultural disconnect about the value of work explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and the future seems so uncertain.

Documentaries Like ‘Making A Murderer’ Are Mostly Agitprop

The controversy over of ‘Making a Murderer’ highlights some very uncomfortable truths about the limits of documentaries.

The Federalist’s Notable Books Of 2015

The staff and contributors of The Federalist tell you about the books they most enjoyed in 2015, and leave you with enough recommendations to fill your 2016 with great reads.

Stop Trying To ‘End Gun Violence.’ It’s Not Going To Happen

If liberals want to persuade conservatives, they need to learn to speak the language of what’s possible rather than rely on fuzzy utopian sentiments.

Abortion Is About ‘Women’s Health’ Like The Civil War Is About ‘States’ Rights’

We all know the Civil War wasn’t really fought over states rights. And abortion isn’t about “women’s health care.”

The Left, Not Fox News, Has Made Us All Crazy

A new documentary, ‘How Fox News Made My Dad Crazy,’ reinforces the reality that it’s liberals who politicize everything.