Mark Hemingway
Mark Hemingway
Mark Hemingway
Mark Hemingway is the Book Editor at The Federalist, and a senior writer at The Weekly Standard. Follow him on Twitter at @heminator
Shut Up About Matt Damon ‘Whitewashing’ Chinese History

Constance Wu isn’t all that appreciably closer than Matt Damon is to the culture and mindset of playing a Chinese guy who lived hundreds of years ago.

The Federalist Guide To Summer Reading

Looking for a good beach read this summer? The Federalist writers have plenty of suggestions for you.

Piecing America’s ‘Fractured Republic’ Back Together

Yuval Levin’s new book takes a look a ways to keep America from coming apart at the cultural and political seams. Ed Whelan, Rachel Lu, Jonah Goldberg, R.R. Reno, and John Stonestreet weigh in.

Hillary Clinton’s Non-Apology Fails The Spousal Test For Political Honesty

Needlessly elaborate verbal trainwrecks designed to dodge accountability don’t exactly foster trust between voters and politicians.

Silence Is Death: The Generational Case For Free Speech

Speak and live with an eye towards what truths you will leave championed when you die.

Bernie Supporters’ Hatred Of Work Is Why Trump Supporters Are So Mad

The cultural disconnect about the value of work explains why there’s an open revolt in both parties and the future seems so uncertain.

Documentaries Like ‘Making A Murderer’ Are Mostly Agitprop

The controversy over of ‘Making a Murderer’ highlights some very uncomfortable truths about the limits of documentaries.

The Federalist’s Notable Books Of 2015

The staff and contributors of The Federalist tell you about the books they most enjoyed in 2015, and leave you with enough recommendations to fill your 2016 with great reads.

Stop Trying To ‘End Gun Violence.’ It’s Not Going To Happen

If liberals want to persuade conservatives, they need to learn to speak the language of what’s possible rather than rely on fuzzy utopian sentiments.

Abortion Is About ‘Women’s Health’ Like The Civil War Is About ‘States’ Rights’

We all know the Civil War wasn’t really fought over states rights. And abortion isn’t about “women’s health care.”

The Left, Not Fox News, Has Made Us All Crazy

A new documentary, ‘How Fox News Made My Dad Crazy,’ reinforces the reality that it’s liberals who politicize everything.

For Robert Downey Jr., Forgiveness Transcends Mistakes

Would you rather live in Robert Downey Jr.’s world of ‘do unto others as you’d have them to do you,’ or The New Yorker’s, where any weakness is an excuse to write people off forever?

The Hyped Dangers Of Free-Range Parenting

Once upon a time, ‘free-range parenting’ was simply known as parenting.

It’s The End Of Sex As We Know It

Feminism has gone off the deep end, commercializing both sex and women and claiming that their subjugation is instead a demonstration of their power.

Standing Athwart The New Republic, Yelling ‘Stop’

The New Republic was once a vital magazine, but the clash between its self-important staff and insecure owner are making it hard to care about its fate.

Check Your Sexual Privilege, Lena Dunham

It’s probably never occurred to Lena Dunham or the rest of the wealthy creative class that they may not have a healthy perspective on sexual behavior.

Please, God, Don’t Send The 2024 Olympics To D.C.

Holding the 2024 Olympics in Washington, D.C. would be a civic and moral abomination.

In Defense of Book Banning

Book banning has been defined down to mean making responsible decisions about what reading material is age-appropriate for school children.