Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead
Gracy Olmstead is associate managing editor at The Federalist and the Thursday editor of BRIGHT, a weekly newsletter for women. Her writings can also be found at The American Conservative, The Week, Christianity Today, Acculturated, The University Bookman, and Catholic Rural Life.
There Are Good Reasons To Consider Removing Confederate Memorials From Our Public Squares

America is supposed to be ‘one nation, indivisible.’ But this week, we’ve seen that Confederate memorials are splitting us further and further apart.

We’re Talking About Motherhood Wrong. It’s A Vocation, Not A Job

With parenting, there are no copouts, no sick days, no vacation or leave. That means describing it like a career is both reductive and misleading.

Parents Need To Get Serious About Saving The Next Generation From Internet Addiction

Forcing teens to turn off their phones isn’t about being cruel or Luddite. It’s about saving them from dangerous addiction—before it’s too late.

How To Help Your Kids Learn To Write—And Love Writing

The art of writing often stems from the joy of reading and sharing information. Growing those loves in our children is the first step.

5 Reasons You Should Turn Off The News And Watch The ‘Great British Baking Show’

Let’s just pause the vitriol and political drama, and instead enjoy some cakes, puns, and Mary Berry for the day.

Why More Young People Should Get Summer Jobs On The Farm

And more U.S. universities and colleges should offer them internship credit for it.

To Fix Our Societal Ills, We Need To Focus On More Than Handouts

Our fragmented republic needs a reinvigoration of community, social capital, private associations, and familial wellbeing, said panelists unveiling Heritage’s 2017 Index of Culture and Opportunity.

How The Great Jane Austen Proves That Prudence Is At The Heart Of Happiness

Throughout each and every one of her novels, Jane Austen explores the practical outworkings of virtue—making her the mother of ‘the mother of all virtues.’

Think Tank: Reconsider Caring For Your Kids Because Money Matters Most

The Center For American Progress wants you to know that giving up your full-time career to care for your kids is a huge financial mistake.

Does Our Nation Still Offer Its Youth The Chance To Succeed Through Social Capital?

David Brooks bemoaned elitism’s effect on upward mobility on Tuesday. But that isn’t the only thing keeping our society fragmented and unsuccessful.

Here’s Why So Many Republicans View America’s Colleges And Universities Negatively

Many of them have seen or experienced the detrimental results of campus protests, a growing PC culture, and catastrophic student debt.

What ‘Baby Driver’ Has In Common With Dostoevsky’s ‘Crime And Punishment’

Both feature protagonists trying to purge themselves from a murderous past. But Raskolnikov and Baby find answers—and freedom—in different measures.

‘Beartown’ Asks What Makes A Community Great—And What Makes It Good

Reading ‘Beartown’ reminded me of the desire at the heart of most people, in and outside sporting communities: We want to win.

New Minnesota Law Seeks To Help Aspiring Farmers Get Started

The law provides a 5 percent tax credit to older farmers who sell their land to beginning farmers, thus incentivizing the continued legacy of U.S. farms.

‘Harry Potter’ Offered Millennials Enchantment In A Disenchanted World

Although few millennials would admit it, their love for ‘Harry Potter’ is more like veneration than fandom: It’s a secular stand-in for religious belief.

‘House Of Cards’ Should Focus Less On Current Events And More On Political Fable

The Underwood machine is driven by Machiavellian political theory. That makes the show less eery in the age of Trump, but it’s no less powerful.

We Need To Stop Treating Our Politics Like Religious Dogma

We all want and need community. If our politics makes community impossible, then perhaps we’ve gotten things a bit messed up.

5 Big Things To Know And Celebrate About G.K. Chesterton

Today, 86 years after his death, we’re reminded that joviality and wisdom can do more to woo a culture than any austere dogma ever could.

Trump’s Twitter Presidency Is The One We All Deserve

Many people think Trump’s a bad president, and a dangerous one when he tweets. Yet, ironically, they can’t manage to look away.

Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman Manages The Tough Task Of Winsomely Portraying Virtue

The new ‘Wonder Woman’ film transcends our political moment and offers something—or rather, someone—both inspiring and thoughtful.