Ellie Bufkin
Ellie Bufkin
A native of the Washington DC area, Ellie has years of experience working for some of the finest wine programs in the United States including Per Se, The Inn at Little Washington, Cityzen, Maialino, and Spago. These days, Ellie writes about her experiences in wine, travel, and many other topics for various publications. Ellie resides in New York City, you can follow her on Instagram or Twitter.
Initiative 77 Would Spell Disaster For Dining In The District

Hiking the minimum wage so dramatically would force many restaurants to raise prices, eliminate staff, or close altogether.

‘Ocean’s 8’ Has No Reason To Be A Flat, Boring Waste Of Your Time, But It Is

The long-awaited all-female follow-up to the beloved Ocean’s series is an absolute mess, complete with gaping plot holes, and a completely flat story.

Anthony Bourdain Showed Us How To Bond Over Food. We Should Take His Lesson To Heart

There is something humanizing about putting aside differences, if only for a moment, to discuss how good biscuits taste.

Meet Virginia Hall, One Of The Unsung Heroes Of D-Day

Hall had a rather unorthodox origin for a spy. She was a socialite from Baltimore, who had a penchant for writing, and the means to live any life she wanted.

Anthony Bourdain Made A Tragic End Of A Globe-Tasting Career

As Anthony Bourdain ate and drank his way through underexplored regions, he showed the world how we can connect to each other through food.

The Real-Life Heist Film ‘American Animals’ Makes Crime Exciting

British writer-director Bart Layton designed this thrilling heist film around the candid interviews of the four thieves themselves.

Kate Spade’s Suicide Is A Good Time To Reach Out To Prevent People From Following Suit

The suicide of a celebrity has a history of inspiring copycats. When it happens, it’s a good time to check up on and send some extra love around to your family and friends.

Ethan Hawke Nails Role Of Troubled Pastor In ‘First Reformed’

At first dejected by his rapidly deteriorating circumstances, Rev. Toller replaces God with dark obsession, and vanishes into his basest impulses.

The Fifth Season Of ‘Arrested Development’ Proves It Should Have Ended With The Third

The same jokes being retold by actors who have aged 15 years is worthy of a six-minute reunion clip to promote a charity, perhaps. But no more new seasons, please.

Roseanne Gets Kicked Outta Town For Her Slur, While Samantha Bee Gets Awards

If Rosanne Barr can’t make an ugly slur about Valerie Jarrett, then Samantha Bee shouldn’t get away with making an equally hateful comment about Ivanka Trump.

‘Kid Gorgeous’ Is John Mulaney’s Best Comedy Special Yet

Mulaney is one of the best joke writers currently working, and the most natural storyteller in the business.

‘The Americans’ Finale Lived Up To Fan Expectations Big Time

Whenever a beloved, highly acclaimed series ends, pressure on the creators for a strong finale is high. This episode, aptly titled ‘START,’ was almost as good as it gets.

If You Don’t Mind Some Vulgarity, You’ll Love Ali Wong’s ‘Hard Knock Wife’

Ali Wong is unique in exploiting motherhood as a mainstream female comic. It is impossible not to notice that she is massively pregnant.

People Told Me To Live My Dreams, But Never To Dream Of Having Kids

Many people spent so much time chasing their dreams and creating their bespoke lives that they forgot to have children. Now we’re feeling the loss.

Bookers Say They Gag On-Campus Comedians For Non-PC Jokes

These bookers tell comedians a particular joke or set is not okay for their students, whom they assume to be extremely sensitive to the harmful nature of…jokes.

The #MeToo Uproar Over The New Season Of Arrested Development Has Gone Too Far

It seems the hunters of Hollywood bad guys won’t stop shooting once they have identified a target, no matter how flimsy the allegations.

Netflix’s Contract With The Obamas Likely Won’t Pay Financially, But It Might Politically

While it seems unlikely that a great number of people would cancel their Netflix accounts, it seems far less likely that anyone who didn’t vote for Obama would sign up to see his content.

8 Actually Funny Sketches ‘Saturday Night Live’ Could Have Done With Stormy Daniels

You have Donald Trump accuser Stormy Daniels on the ‘Saturday Night Live’ set, and this lame, convoluted, cold open is what the writers chose?

Why I Deleted My Bumble Dating App After It Advertised For Planned Parenthood

I honestly hadn’t opened the dating app for months, so I had no intention of ‘matching’ with anyone, but after I saw the message, I went ahead and deleted it altogether.

‘A Quiet Place’ Is A Graceful, Touching Monster Movie

No need for a monster in every scene. This movie gets screams by simply making a sound with a small toy.