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Brian Willett is a research assistant for The Transom and the publisher of fwd, a daily tech newsletter. He lives in Birmingham, Alabama and tweets sporadically @brianjwillett
Developers Are Into DLC Because Video Games Are Not Expensive Enough

Video games and systems are cheaper than ever when adjusted for inflation and that the cost of making them has exploded. Something has to give.

10 Years On: ‘Burn Notice’ Was A Forgettable Hit We Need More Of

For three or four seasons, ‘Burn Notice’ succeeded by offering an interesting, serialized story that never required your full attention. It was great escapism.

Yet Again, U.S Soccer Team Faces ‘Crucial Stretch’ Of Games

These next seven weeks will give Arena and the U.S. team the best chance to finally right a ship that had strayed off course for a large portion of the last two years.

NBC’s ‘Trial And Error’ Is Almost A Great Sitcom And Could Pick It Up In Season Two

Despite real humor, its heavy-handed nature holds ‘Trial and Error’ back. NBC’s true crime mockumentary consistently goes for the predictable, ‘network sitcom’ joke.

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ Is A Parsec Wide And An Inch Deep

BioWare needs to shed the ‘open world’ mechanic or find a way to liven it up. Exploring a new galaxy should be invigorating. ‘Andromeda’ makes it tedious.

5 Ways ‘Arrested Development’ Can Make Its Fifth Season A Success

The fourth season of ‘Arrested Development has some gems. When it goes right, it goes very right. But it is easily the weakest season. The fifth can be better.

Here Are The Essential Episodes Of ‘Rick And Morty’

Don’t fret. I’ve compiled a list of the must-see ‘Rick and Morty’ episodes to watch before the new season drops.

‘Legion’ Is The Best Superhero Show On TV Because It Doesn’t Act Like One

Rather than on superpowers, FX’s ‘Legion’ focuses much more on treating (and supposedly saving) a broken man dealing with his demons, figurative and otherwise.

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ Has Robot Dinosaurs, And That’s All You Need To Know

‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ isn’t a paradigm shift for a genre that could use some new ideas. But it doesn’t have to be.

The United States Limps Into Crucial World Cup Qualifiers

Coach Bruce Arena had almost no time with the full squad. He’ll also be under significantly more pressure, with both games essentially must-wins.

‘Last Man On Earth’ Is Improving With Age

If you’re interested in a different sort of comedy—and amusingly light-hearted take on the apocalypse—give ‘Last Man On Earth’ a try.

Bruce Willis’s 5 Lowest-Budget Action Movies, Ranked

Despite Bruce’s enduring perfection, some of his movies are better than others. So here’s my guide and ranking for which lesser-known Bruce Willis movies are worth streaming.

5 Video Games I’m Looking Forward To In 2017

2017 looks like it’s going to be a good year for video games.

FIFA’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Unsurprising World Cup Expansion

FIFA wants to water down the World Cup tournament by expanding it from 32 to 48 teams starting in 2026.

Buy ‘Rogue One: Scarif’ If You Can Handle The Frustration

Those who have seen ‘Rogue One’ should appreciate the recreation of the Scarif DLC from ‘Star Wars Battlefront,’ despite its flaws.

Play ‘Hitman’ If You Like A Game Of Patience

‘Hitman’ shines as a game of orchestrated accidents. A botched surgery, exposure to a virus, a car mishap. This requires plenty of trial and error. Yet the need to reload doesn’t grate.

Emergency Message To All College Students Regarding Electoral Assault

Many of you suffered first- and second-degree election results last week. This is not your fault.

12 Reasons Donald Trump Is A Bluth From ‘Arrested Development’

Remember ‘Arrested Development’? Well, the Bluth family is back, except in real life, embodied in Donald Trump. Behold the evidence.

‘Star Wars Battlefront’ Is The Most Frustrating Game I Can’t Stop Playing

‘Battlefront’ succeeds as a fun, engaging immersive game that scratches the Star Wars itch. But little maddening and avoidable issues hold back what could have been a great game.

Bob Bradley Earned His Premier League Shot

While Bob Bradley arrives in the Premier League using a decidedly different route than most coaches, he’s proven himself at the minimum capable of handling whatever’s thrown at him.