Brian Willett
Brian Willett
Brian Willett is a Federalist senior contributor and the publisher of fwd, a daily tech newsletter. He tweets sporadically @brianjwillett
Needless Politics Are Distracting From ‘Far Cry 5’s’ True Accomplishment

There’s a palpable disappointment among game journalists that the game didn’t fulfill its potential as a scorching hot take on the Trump era.

‘The Joel McHale Show’ Needs To Work Harder In The Clip-Based Internet Era

Anyone who loved the Joel McHale version of ‘The Soup’ will feel right at home with ‘The Joel McHale Show.’

Russia Is Finally Getting A (Flimsy) Punishment Over Its World Cup Bid

Several leaders from countries participating in the 2018 World Cup finally decided to punish Russia by … not sending government officials to the World Cup.

5 Ways You Can Stay Sane On Social Media

Conservatives are having a fun time complaining about social media and the Internet with the kind of ire they normally reserve for soccer. They should lighten up.

‘Far Cry 5’ Is Shaping Up to Be A Fantastic Video-Based Interactive Game

‘Far Cry 5’ is shaping up to be a Day 1 purchase, assuming it avoids overtly bashing Trump voters and any ‘Assassin’s Creed Unity’-style launch issues.

There’s An Existential Problem With Taco Bell’s New Nacho Fries

The fries themselves? Good enough. They’re thicker than most fast food potatoes, but more svelte than steak fries.

If Game Makers Don’t Address Loot Crates, Lawmakers Will

The ESRB’s decision to label video games with paid add-ons essentially does nothing to address the complaint that loot boxes are akin to gambling.

Why Now Is A Great Time For First-Person Shooters

First-person shooter fans have three solid options that each offers an active player base, consistent updates, and no additional purchases required to make the game feel complete.

Research Suggests All Those Soccer Moms Might Have Picked A Dangerous Sport After All

Soccer may be the next sport to deal with the fallout of brain trauma and chronic traumatic encephalopathy concerns already breathing at football’s heels.

6 Reasons 2018 Is A Great Year To Own A PlayStation 4

For fans of narrative-driven or single-player games, PlayStation excels. And that’s especially true this year

Arby’s Oreo Bites Are Not Anywhere Near Oreo Enough

Similar in design to Taco Bell’s Cinnabon Delights, the Bites are simply dough filled with creamy goo. Where’s the crunch, Arby’s?

Is Blake Bortles Elite, Or Eliter?

Some would say just making a football team in the NFL qualifies one as elite. But others would say that you can’t truly be elite until you’ve won a World Cup.

25 Liberals To Follow On Twitter

It’s almost a new year, and time to diversify your Twitter feed. Here’s a selection of top journalists with lefty views.

Structural Changes For Soccer Are Worthy Goal, But No Guarantee of Success

I’m skeptical of the focus on (mostly European) developmental structures as the cure-all for America’s soccer woes, at least in the short term.

Why You Shouldn’t Buy ‘Star Wars Battlefront II’ Today

If EA succeeds here, game publishers will feel emboldened to put more gameplay content behind a paywall/grindwall in multiplayer games.

‘Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later’ Drops Camp Firewood Spirit

‘Ten Years Later’ lacks the relative cogency and, most importantly, the laughs of its predecessors. It feels rushed and less goofy, despite rampant absurdity.

‘The Gifted’ Is Broadcast Television’s Best Superhero Show

‘The Gifted’ eschews typical network conventions and is better for it. It’s a show crafted with care, not just a lazy means of cashing in on a license.

To Soothe The U.S. World Cup Failure, Watch The Under-17s Play

Three wins in four while playing the style of soccer that many American fans wish the senior team could. It’s enough to give hope to even the most cynical fans.

The United States’ World Cup Failure: Victims Of Our Own Success

I wonder if the U.S. national soccer team failed because no one on this team knew how to handle failure.

For First Time In A Generation, The U.S. Will Not Be In The World Cup

I saw the U.S. Men’s National Team walking for the nth time in a match they only needed to draw.