Bethany Mandel
Bethany Mandel
Bethany Mandel is a Senior Contributor at The Federalist and a freelance writer on politics and culture. . She lives with her husband, Seth Mandel, the op-ed editor at the New York Post, and her two children in New Jersey.
If You’re Not A Dad, Don’t Go To Dad Events At School

Moms and dads are not interchangeable units. And if mothers can attend events meant only for dads, fathers-only gatherings become meetings for anyone, losing their entire purpose.

It’s Fun For Louis To Do PR For North Korea’s Concentration Camps

Even after an outcry led YouTube star Louis Cole to record a response, he clearly wasn’t quite caught up on what happens inside the Hermit Kingdom.

Prince Harry Finally Opens Up About His Mother’s Death

Just as their mother was famous for championing causes society deemed taboo, Princess Diana’s kids William and Harry have made mental health a centerpoint of their outreach efforts.

6 Reasons Cory Booker Should Be Clinton’s Running Mate

Of the potential Democratic running mates for Hillary Clinton, Sen. Cory Booker’s case is one of the most compelling.

How Pathetic That It Takes ‘Pokémon Go’ To Get Us Outside

Sure, there are some benefits to getting outside for hours of ‘Pokémon Go.’ But it’s pretty sad we’re doing so just to bump into trees while staring at our phones.

Video: Union Officials Volunteer To Shield Abusive Teacher

A new video project from guerrilla filmmaker James O’Keefe proves just how ideologically inconsistent many who discuss the campus rape phenomena are.

An Alligator Could Eat Anyone’s Child

There are lessons to be learned from what happened in this Disney resort, and how our culture might have helped contribute to this tragedy.

Cell Phones Cause Cancer, And Other Scientists’ Lies

As with journalism, scientists have a perverse incentive to warp their findings to garner more clicks, shares, and buzz.

Ozzy Osbourne’s Mistress Isn’t The Enemy

If doxxing Ozzy Osbourne’s mistress is how Sharon thinks their family could be kept together, it’s easy to understand why and how the marriage fell apart in the first place.

To See A ‘Money Monster,’ George Clooney And Julia Roberts Should Look In The Mirror

Americans don’t seem interested in spending $13 a ticket to watch wealthy people villainize how other wealthy people make their living.

Ali Wong And Sheryl Sandberg Caricature Women

Women don’t deserve to be typecast as either voracious go-getters or lazy butt-sitters for our decisions and desires about handling children and careers.

The Monica Lewinsky Feeding Frenzy Was Just a Dry Run

What we’ve learned in the years between the Bill Clinton-Monica Lewinsky sex scandal and today’s age of Twitter mobs.

Are You Crunchy? Thank Capitalism

You can eat free-range eggs, organic kale, fresh juice from your Vitamix, and cruelty-free meat. For that, thank a country that boasts more economic freedom than most.

Why Are American Jews So Liberal? Sarah Silverman’s Sister Has Some Answers

In a new memoir, a rabbi and adoptive mother tries and fails to reconcile her progressive politics with God and family.

The Right Needs To Stop Idolizing Wunderkinds

Thirteen-year-old C.J. Pearson has switched allegiances from Ted Cruz to Bernie Sanders. So what? Politics isn’t for children.

Why Moms, Like College Students, Can’t Handle Criticism

Feminism and trigger warnings have taught millennials to react instead of shrug it off when people disagree.

Man-splaining Is No Excuse For Invading Girls’ Locker Rooms

The 150 Missouri girls who walked out of their locker room when a young man barged in, insisting he’s actually a woman, are courageous and deserve admiration, not man-splaining.

I’m Glad No One Tweeted My #PlaneBreakup Experience

Flying home to say goodbye before my mother died and the recent live-tweeted #PlaneBreakup were intensely private moments. My fellow passengers handled it far better.

Scientology Is Losing Its Hold On Celebrities

Their ability to victimize their opponents is quickly disappearing.

The Trans-Fat Ban Deals A Blow To Kosher Keepers

When America’s food factories switched from lard to trans fats, suddenly Orthodox Jews could eat the foods their neighbors had been enjoying for years. Not any more.