Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten is a Federalist Senior Contributor and senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research. He writes on national security and foreign policy, economics, and politics for publications including City Journal, Conservative Review and PJ Media. He is the founder and CEO of ChangeUp Media, a media consulting and production company dedicated to advancing conservative principles. Ben is also a 2015 Publius Fellow of the Claremont Institute. You can find his work at, and follow him on Twitter @bhweingarten.
Iran’s Hits On Western Soil Reveal The Foreign Policy Establishment’s Hypocrisy

Iranian hit squads have been exposed for plotting a string of assassinations of political rivals in exile and other foes residing in Europe.

Lack Of Attention To Chinese Interpol Chief’s Disappearance Shows The Khashoggi Furor’s Fakery

Meng Hongwe left his home in France on Sept. 25 for a trip concluding in China. He has not been seen or heard from since, save for an ominous text.

Why Is Khashoggi Being Made The Defining Issue Of U.S. Foreign Policy?

The alleged killing of Jamal Khashoggi reveals far more about the nature of the American press and political establishment than it does foreign policy.

The Silence Over A Potential Chinese Spy In Feinstein’s Office Is Deafening

From the start, this was a story the media had no interest in covering. Now it is apparent that our political class has no interest in probing it.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s warm relationship with and advocacy for Communist China go back decades and involve millions, if not billions, of dollars.

Interview: Richard Epstein On Classical Liberalism, The Administrative State, And Free Speech

Senior Contributor Benjamin Weingarten interviews professor and classical liberal Richard Epstein on Clarence Thomas, progressivism, and socialism.

In Travel Ban Ruling, Justice Thomas Takes Aim At Nationwide Injunctions

‘Nationwide injunctions mean that each of the more than 600 federal district judges in the United States can freeze a law or regulation throughout the country — regardless of whether the other 599 disagree.’

When Obama Pressured Big Banks To Break The Law For Iran, They Resisted

The Obama administration sought to use the weight of the federal government to pressure U.S. banks into colluding with a terrorist state. The banks had more integrity than that.

One Year In, The Russia Investigations Keep Leading Back To The Investigators

What was once a no-downside case for Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s office has now become one with little upside.

The Iran Deal Wasn’t An ‘Alternative To War,’ It Was A Continuation Of War

The regime merely took advantage of an Obama administration willing to appease at all costs to make Iran the ‘strong horse’ in the Middle East.

Tribeca Film ‘General Magic’ Shows How Capitalism Pulls Big Success Out Of Big Failures

Innovation requires protecting capitalist principles Silicon Valley’s progressive political allies are often hostile toward.

Former CIA Director’s Broadside Against Trump Accidentally Proves Intel Agencies’ Politicization

It is embarrassing for a president to call you a failure and attack your institutions, while placing the blame for what has occurred at your feet.

Why You Shouldn’t Cheer The ‘Peace Agreement’ With North Korea Yet

We should not put the cart before the horse in the face of a deceptive and ruthless Communist regime engaged in a charm offensive for Western audiences.

John Bolton’s Appointment Rattles The Muslim Brotherhood Echo Chamber

The Trump administration ought not to concede one inch to those who wish to sideline the personnel and stifle the policies that would make its counterjihadist agenda a reality.

Okay Adam Schiff, Show Us The Russia Collusion

Does Schiff have superhuman abilities to see links that we cannot? What exactly is it that binds his strongest points together?

Clapper And Flynn: Is The Justice Department Adhering To A Double Standard On Perjury?

Clapper has faced no repercussions for telling a falsehood under oath, while Flynn’s life has been ruined as he pleaded guilty to lying under oath to the FBI.

The US Should Distrust North Korea, And Verify

We are all too frequently duped by enemies that seem to understand us better than we understand them.

China’s Subtle Soft Power Means It Thinks The US Is A Paper Tiger

China feels it has significant leverage, and that ‘the emperor wears no clothes’ — that the West has no appetite to push back against its behavior.

Why The Left Is Going Gonzo Over Asking Citizenship Status On The Census

The question affects the number of seats in the House of Representatives, and the number of presidential electors allocated to each state.

Let’s Get Real: There Are No ‘Moderates’ In Iran’s Government

That U.S. intelligence agencies’ latest threat assessment views Iran’s leadership according to the moderate-hardliner split. That defies logic.