Aaron Gleason
Aaron Gleason
A.C. Gleason is a proud Biola University alum, where he met his wonderful wife. He earned his MA in philosophy of religion from Talbot. He contributes to and produces the Resistance TV podcast. You can find more of his writings on Medium, Ricochet.com, and WordPress. Follow him on Twitter @ac_gleason. He denies all accusations that Comrade Real Presence is his alter ego, though he hears that guy is awesome.
What The ‘Sicario’ Sequel Hits And Misses As A Film And A Commentary On Immigration

The film worked well as a thriller but it’s clearly inferior to the original. It exposes the Gordian knot at the heart of our border troubles, but doesn’t cut it.

Apparently Trump Derangement Syndrome Paved The Way For World Cup Derangement Syndrome

Once latched on like a demonic baby, World Cup Derangement Syndrome draws forth life from its parasitic host, leaving nothing but a dry husk of the once-vibrant humanity behind.

After Its First Season, Major League Rugby Needs Work To Have Staying Power

The inaugural season of Major League Rugby has just come to its conclusion, and I was there to witness the end from center field.

Steve Ditko’s Great Gift To The World: ‘With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility’

Perhaps the most amazing thing about Spider-Man was the mind and abilities of the man who truly formed him. That’s Steve Ditko, of whose death the news has come.

The Purge Series Tries Desperately To Be Anti-Gun But Accomplishes The Opposite

It’s supposed to be this critique of gun culture, but throughout the entire series the bad guys with guns are always stopped by good guys with guns.

15 Films That Are Perfect For Helping You Celebrate America

The Fourth of July shouldn’t be about celebrating warfare or revolution, it should be about celebrating exceptional American freedom.

How Limited CGI Created The Power Of The Original ‘Jurassic Park’

Sequels usually fall the flattest when they try to recapture the original quality. That will never happen here, because the original is so special.

8 Binge-Worthy Podcasts You Need To Start Listening To

Whatever you’re doing, if you have a smartphone you have numerous delicious pod options on which to indulge. Here are some places to start.

The Real Reason Feathered Dinosaurs Won’t Appear In Jurassic Park Has Nothing To Do With Science

One of the scientific advisors on Jurassic Park is making an apology for what he considers to be bad science in that film. But the apology holds water like a spaghetti strainer.

4 Key Takeaways From Jim Jefferies’ Interview With Jordan Peterson

Two amazing things happened in these six minutes: A leftist defended free speech, and a public intellectual admitted he might be wrong.

Why Is ‘Hereditary’ Truly Frightening? Its Perversion Of Family

The new horror film ‘Hereditary’ is hyperbolic in its honesty over what our family line can do to us.

What Netflix’s True-Crime Doc ‘The Staircase’ Can Teach Us About Justice

There are loads of differences between the cases, but what they have in common is convicting white men of crimes against women based on scanty evidence.

Why ‘Solo’ Is Good, Even Though Han Is One Of Star Wars’ Weakest Characters

The truth is, Han Solo isn’t much of a character on paper. He is completely replaceable within the Star Wars story.

No, Evangelicals Don’t Want The Middle East Destabilized To Bring About Armageddon

Many American evangelicals do believe that Israel holding its historic territory is spiritually important, but that doesn’t mean we think any political decisions are going to force God’s hand.

‘Deadpool 2’ Isn’t A Great Film, Which Means Superheroes Have Become A Robust Movie Genre

The film presents as something shallow and not really worthy of deep critical attention. Then it feeds the viewers deep issues in rather overt ways.

Why Jonah Goldberg Is Right About ‘The Suicide Of The West’

Jonah Goldberg is certainly not naive about the role religion plays in the ‘miracle’ of western classical liberalism. ‘Suicide of the West’ is best understood as an apologetic to non-conservatives.

Why ‘Westworld’ Is One Of TV’s Worst Shows

To understand why this show simply doesn’t work, compare it to a 20-year-old sci-fi film that almost certainly had some influence on these show runners: ‘The Truman Show.’

Why DC’s Superhero Pantheon Can Never Emulate The Success Of ‘Avengers: Infinity War’

Each of DC’s major characters is essentially a sun at the center of their own solar system. Their gravity is so strong they maintain multiple planets all on their own.

Tragic Crash Involving Canadian Hockey Players Touches Bruins-Leafs Series Game

On a normal night the Bruins would’ve probably stolen this game away. But this wasn’t a normal night.

11 Top Superman Stories Of All Time To Celebrate Action Comics No. 1,000

The scarred heart of humanity that breathes life into all fiction is what makes Superman truly great. And in many ways his story is the story of America.