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Hemingway: Smug Garland, Arrogant Wray Celebrate DOJ Corruption


“Whether it’s this sort of smug and arrogant response given to you last night by Chris Wray or the smug, arrogant testimony by Merrick Garland today — in which Merrick Garland said we go after peaceful pro-lifers and not the people who are firebombing pro-life centers and Catholic churches because those fire bombings take place at night and it’s easier to go after the peaceful pro-lifers — that is an absurd answer,” Federalist Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway said on Fox News. “It’s so absurd, almost like they want to celebrate how much the department has been politicized.” 

“There are so many ways — not just the pro-lifers versus Antifa,” Hemingway added. “It’s not enforcing the border. Going after parents. It’s about this ridiculous raid at Mar-a-Lago compared to the very nice treatment of Joe Biden and his problem with classified documents. And it’s also about how they have not given the resources necessary to actually investigate the Biden family business.”