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Breaking News Alert Report: NIH Threw EcoHealth Alliance Millions Of Tax Dollars To Study Coronaviruses, Then Didn't Supervise

Hemingway: Laptop Isn’t Just A Hunter Biden Story, It’s A Joe Biden Scandal


“What the laptop showed was that Joe Biden was intimately familiar with the Biden family business, in which members of the Biden family shake down corrupt foreign governments and oligarchs in exchange for their proximity to Joe Biden. Joe Biden was the one who was getting 10 percent ‘for the big guy,'” Federalist Editor-In-Chief Mollie Hemingway said. “Joe Biden was the one who went on a national stage and lied and said that it was Russian disinformation that his son’s laptop had all this material. He knew that was false. And blaming a nuclear power in the middle of an election for something that you know that they didn’t do is so irresponsible from a foreign policy perspective, but also a domestic policy perspective.”