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Breaking News Alert 19 Republicans Resist Deep-State Efforts To Keep Spying On Americans Without A Warrant

Hemingway: Angry Attacks On Tucker Carlson Failed To Respond To Substance Of His Reporting


“We are in a complete information war, and we have many powerful people on the left — politicians and agencies — that are trying to suppress free debate,” The Federalist’s Editor-in-Chief Mollie Hemingway said on Fox News. “I really think that kudos are owed to Kevin McCarthy for getting this footage out and letting the American people see it.”

“It’s shameful how many people have fought against journalism and transparency for something that they claim to believe is an important day that you should really know all about. But they fought so hard against this. They’re fighting against the one social media company that is giving non-leftists even a little bit of a chance to discuss things. They are dangerous, and they are very scared and angry right now.”