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Cleveland: We Might Have The Burisma-Biden Tapes If FBI Hadn’t Buried The Investigation


“All we know is that a confidential human source said that the owner of Burisma made these tapes, and the key here is that the FBI buried the investigation. If the FBI had not buried it, they might have the tapes, they might have had the confidential human source wear a wire as they did with Carter Page, [or] they might actually have this evidence now,” said Federalist Senior Legal Correspondent Margot Cleveland. “I highly doubt our FBI has these tapes, but the confidential human source said that they exist, based on the conversation with the individual who taped them. And the context in which he said, ‘I have those tapes,’ is key. He said he had those [tapes], and he said that in response to him being concerned that Trump won and this was his protection.”