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Bedford: ‘A Cult’: How Alzheimer’s Research Went So Crooked


“For over 100 years, since we first discovered Alzheimer’s, we’ve noticed these plaques were found in the brain, but since the early ’90s, since the beginning of really modern Alzheimer’s science, there’s been information pointing to maybe this isn’t actually the cause, maybe this is more of a marker of damage that’s being done. But by then, there were so many egos wrapped into this,” said Federalist Senior Editor Christopher Bedford during an interview with Tucker Carlson on Fox News.

“Now when it got to the 100-year anniversary of the first discovery of Alzheimer’s, we might’ve been able to take a second look and say, ‘We’ve been putting billions of dollars of this and decades of research into this. We’ve never gotten anything; we’ve never found any cure; we’ve never even found anything that makes it better beyond the first few years, so maybe we’re wrong.'”