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The Case For Casey DeSantis

…accused of a wanna-be Jackie Kennedy or the “Walmart Melania.” Corporate media have made it clear: Casey DeSantis, wife of presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, has been bombarded with ridiculous criticisms….

Time For Ron DeSantis To Do It Live

Here’s a fact that should unsettle the Ron DeSantis campaign: Since before he even announced he was running for the Republican presidential nomination in late May, his poll numbers have…

DeSantis Leads The Pack In 2024 GOP Primary Poll Minus Trump

… Back in February at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), 55 percent of attendees indicated Trump was their preferred 2024 nominee. DeSantis came in at 21 percent. In a…

Democrats Try to Blame LGBT Parade Death On Ron DeSantis And Fail Miserably

…made legal by bigot #KimJongRon #DeathSantis. Charlottesville part 2. #RemoveRon #Florida #Floriduh” Abravanel later acknowledged the incident wasn’t terrorism-related, while still referring to DeSantis as a “bigot.” DeSantis Press…

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