Varad Mehta
Varad Mehta

Varad Mehta is a historian. He lives in suburban Philadelphia.

Donald Trump Won’t Be The GOP’s ‘My Fair Lady’

Republican leaders have spent months trying to play Henry Higgins to their presumptive presidential nominee. There’s just one problem: Donald Trump is no Eliza Doolittle.

Why Trump Won’t Win Pennsylvania

The 2016 election offered the Republican Party its best chance to win Pennsylvania since 1988. Instead, GOP voters chose the one candidate who might ensure it remains blue for another twenty years.

Why Donald Trump Can’t Win The White House

Donald Trump is deeply unpopular with college-educated voters, a group the Republican Party needs to recapture the White House.

Chewie, We’re Not Home

Star Wars anticipation has peaked. But fans tempted to revel in nostalgia should heed Admiral Ackbar’s warning: ‘It’s a trap!’

The Australia Gun Control Fallacy

When someone says the United States ought to adopt Australia’s gun laws, he is really saying that gun control is worth risking violent insurrection.

Don’t Let The Wookiee Win

C-3PO’s strategy is fine for playing dejarik against Chewbacca, but it’s no way to defend an open society. You can’t let the Wookiee win.