Tony Lima
Tony Lima

Tony Lima is professor emeritus of economics (CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA). He is a card-carrying, published wine economist.

Why The Wuhan Flu Economic Crash Is Likely To Be Short-Lived

Economic demand will largely be deferred, not eliminated. There may be a brief downturn in the economy, but look for a burst of spending once this crisis is over.

Venezuela’s Economic Problems Are Caused By Socialism, Not Falling Oil Prices

Falling oil prices are not the problem in Venezuela. The problem is socialism, price controls, and a money supply spiraling out of control.

This Fall, California Voters Could Decide Whether To Split Their State In Three

Some 600,000 Californians have signed a petition that would allow a vote on whether to split the state into three.

Repealing The Individual Mandate Is A Tax Break For The Poor

Four Republican senators have blocked Obamacare repeal. These same senators’ low-income constituents are among those most hurt by Obamacare’s individual mandate tax.

BBC Lampoons Itself By Erecting Statue Honoring George Orwell

The BBC flatly rejected a previous attempt to erect a statue in 2011, on the grounds that Orwell was too left-wing. Irony is now officially dead.

No, Most U.S. Gun Owners Don’t Stockpile 17 Or More Guns

Newsweek recently published an article titled: ‘Was Stephen Paddock Normal? Many Gun Owners Keep 17 Firearms on Average.’ It’s based on a study that is all wrong.