Tony Lima
Tony Lima
Tony Lima is professor emeritus of economics (CSU East Bay, Hayward, CA). He is a card-carrying, published wine economist.
Venezuela’s Economic Problems Are Caused By Socialism, Not Falling Oil Prices

Falling oil prices are not the problem in Venezuela. The problem is socialism, price controls, and a money supply spiraling out of control.

This Fall, California Voters Could Decide Whether To Split Their State In Three

Some 600,000 Californians have signed a petition that would allow a vote on whether to split the state into three.

Repealing The Individual Mandate Is A Tax Break For The Poor

Four Republican senators have blocked Obamacare repeal. These same senators’ low-income constituents are among those most hurt by Obamacare’s individual mandate tax.

BBC Lampoons Itself By Erecting Statue Honoring George Orwell

The BBC flatly rejected a previous attempt to erect a statue in 2011, on the grounds that Orwell was too left-wing. Irony is now officially dead.

No, Most U.S. Gun Owners Don’t Stockpile 17 Or More Guns

Newsweek recently published an article titled: ‘Was Stephen Paddock Normal? Many Gun Owners Keep 17 Firearms on Average.’ It’s based on a study that is all wrong.