Todd Seavey
Todd Seavey

Todd Seavey has written for various libertarian-friendly magazines, newspapers, think-tanks, and TV shows in addition to doing non-political work in advertising, comics, and comedy-writing. He has moderated debates before live audiences in New York City and made appearances on the TV shows Style Court and The Run. He has ghostwritten political books and is the author of the forthcoming book Libertarianism for Beginners. He is a graduate of Brown University, where he studied philosophy and literature.

‘Can We Take A Joke’ Explores Our Hatred For Free Speech

A new documentary contrasts the free speech ethos of Lenny Bruce with the anti-comedy attitudes on today’s campuses.

Sci-Fi Is Socialist, Like Most Art

Science fiction is shot through with the longing for a more-rational human (or humanoid) race, accompanied by harmonious but deceptively simple models for a society worthy of such beings.