Stevi Nichols
Stevi Nichols

Stevi Nichols is a graduate of the Van Andel School of Statesmanship at Hillsdale College. A former history teacher, she has worked for the National Center for Policy Analysis in Dallas, Texas, and the Alan P. Kirby, Jr. Center in Washington DC.

What Happens When Homeless People Memorize Abraham Lincoln’s Inaugural Address

‘I got three of my other homeless friends to help me work on this in the park where we sleep. And now, they know it too! So if we can do it, all y’all don’t have any excuse!’

Disney And Emma Watson Have Trivialized ‘Beauty And The Beast’

Emma Watson’s feminism and the director’s identity politics have overshadowed ‘Beauty and the Beast’s’ inherent themes of selflessness and redemption.

10 Philosopher Quotes About Love You’ll Never Read In A Valentine

These timeless writings contain commentary on love, some thought-provoking, some humorous, and all of it crafted more elegantly than the average greeting card.

To Combat Conspiracy Theories, Take Voter Fraud Complaints Seriously

In a context as rife with suspicion as this election is, every reasonable measure possible should be taken to allay the public’s fears.