Peter Lawler
Peter Lawler
Peter Lawler

Peter Augustine Lawler is Dana Professor of Government at Berry College. He teaches courses in political philosophy and American politics.

5 Pieces Of Advice For Education Secretary Betsy DeVos

Now that Betsy DeVos has been confirmed, it’s time to offer her realistic advice that does some justice to the legitimate concerns about her nomination on both sides.

Just Think: Donald Trump Versus Bernie Sanders In 2016

It’s no longer inconceivable that Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee, or that Bernie Sanders could be the Democratic nominee.

How Atticus Finch Represents American Aristocracy

For any student of Southern Stoicism, it fits that Atticus Finch was a magnanimous defender of the black person’s rights in the 1930s yet an endorser of illegal responses to that person’s rights in the 1950s.

The Rise Of Generic College, USA

College faculty are getting less respect because they’re making less of a real contribution to the content of higher education.

More Technology Requires Better Literacy

Our democratic understanding of education must aim beyond techno-vocational literacy to learning what to do with the unprecedented power at one’s disposal.

What Gov. Scott Walker Misses About Higher Education

Most Republican leaders, including potential presidential candidate Scott Walker, don’t understand that focusing college solely on careers serves leftism.

Technocracy Versus The Great Books

One of the great prejudices of our time is that direct information is king. But the great books offer another, more satisfying way to realize truth.

The Founders: From George Washington To Peter Thiel

For libertarian and Paypal cofounder Peter Thiel, the startup has replaced the country as the object of the highest human ambition.

On The President’s Return To American Exceptionalism

Americans care for Christians and Israel because the religious and political freedoms we enjoy depend upon each other and descend from our Western heritage.

The ‘Libertarian Moment’ Is Really An Individualist Moment

Our hope remains with those who deploy libertarian means for non-libertarian ends, and with enough experience of love to not wallow in self-obsession.

The State Of Marxism (And Conservatism) Today

There seems to an emerging consensus among sophisticates that non-libertarian conservatism is “reactionary.” They couldn’t be more wrong.

The State Of Our Religious Liberty Is Confusing

We no longer are clear that the free exercise of religion is freedom for religion—and not merely freedom of private conscience.

The Dystopian Seductiveness Of ‘Her’

Her is quite the meticulous and creepily seductive criticism of our techno-orientation toward transhumanism.

Race, Family, And Song In Three Recent Films

How history, culture and family are portrayed in three recent films.

Plato And The Man Of Steel

There’s something more going on in the latest Superman film which speaks to deeper conceptions of the nature of man.