Patrick Fletchall
Patrick Fletchall

Patrick Fletchall is a recovering academic who now works in business and product development. A graduate of the University of Oregon in philosophy, Patrick received a master of theological studies from Boston University and master of philosophy from the University of Aberdeen. He lives in Eugene, Oregon, with his wife and sons. The opinions expressed here do not reflect those of his employer.

George Washington’s Diagnosis Of Human Nature Should Inform Our Pandemic Response

Appeals to the common good have always resurfaced when a problem arises in society, but difficulties emerge when different people have varied opinions about what to value.

Oregon Plunders The Dead In Desperate Attempt To Pay Lavish Pensions

Oregon lawmakers can’t raise taxes fast enough to keep up with an entitlement pension plan that dominates all other spending needs across the state.

What Some Call Privilege I Just Call Good Parenting

Toby Morris’s cartoon does not share the simple truth that Richard and Paula are privileged by having two parents who work hard to create the best opportunities possible for their child.

When Pushing Women’s Advancement, Big Businesses Are Hypocrites

Ultimately, it’s pretty rich when a company with zero female executives urges leaders to challenge gender bias at work.

Oregon Seeks To Regulate ‘Dangerous, Preventable’ Cow Farts

It all just goes to show how government regulation can be silent, but deadly.

Country Music Has Become A Huge Clichéd Joke

Long gone are the ballads of the common man. In their place, we’ve got lots of booze, driving on dirt roads, and objectifying lyrics about women.

A Field Guide To Wild Social Justice Warriors

Social justice warriors are easily identified, possessing highly sensitive sensory organs, and an enormous mouth that hangs open in order to emit noise at the slightest provocation.

This Halloween, The Scariest Monsters Are The Trump And Hillary Inside Us All

A genuinely frightening monster is one in which we meet the enemy and he is us.

Top 10 Progressive Bumper Stickers From History

You’ll never believe the bumper stickers from centuries ago I found on the sides of camels, armor, and yurts.

Ban This Dangerous Weapon Right Now Before More People Die

These are the weapon of choice for serial killers, kidnappers, and racists. The torment must end.

Don’t Celebrate Video Game Politics Just Yet

As with many forms of entertainment, enjoying the video game experience can often blind the user to the underlying message.

Top 5 Moments In History That Need To Be Revised

Here are the top five moments in history that could be revised with a progressive philosophy. Trigger warning: History.

Legalized Marijuana Just Smoked My Son’s Job Prospects Through The Roof

Thanks to the legalization of marijuana in Oregon, my son will find a less competitive job market.

How Free Will Explains The Oregon Shooting

Make no mistake: while the Oregon shooting is a tragedy, it is in no way senseless, or the person would never have done it in the first place.