Mitch Hall
Mitch Hall

Mitch is a former intern for The Federalist who currently lives and works in Seattle, Washington. You can reach him at [email protected]

How Going Soft On Drugs And Crime Has Turned Seattle Into Another American Wasteland

A new documentary takes an unforgiving look at the steady decay of ‘the best city in America,’ exposing how Seattle’s misguided politicians have accelerated crime, addiction, and homelessness under the guise of compassion.

‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Demonstrates The Strength Of Friendship In Adversity

The smash hit from Netflix explores the costs of madness that often accompanies genius, and ultimately warns of the perils of a life devoid of familial love and friendship.

Leftist Shrieks About Trump’s Authoritarianism Attempt To Hide That They’re The Real Control Freaks

Although the media has thoughtlessly labeled Trump an authoritarian, his record — and the policy aims of his opponents Joe Biden and Kamala Harris — prove Democrats are the real threat to American life.

Extending Lockdowns Will Make Millennials Like Me Abandon U.S. Cities

The pandemic has stripped millions of work, community, and hope. As local governments extend quarantine orders, urbanites like me are starting to wonder: what is the point of city life?

How Britain’s Breakout Hit ‘Love Island’ Gets Reality TV Right

After wrapping up its fifth season with record viewership, the U.K.’s hottest reality show has officially become a global sensation. What do people love about ‘Love Island’?

Trans Man Insists Making Immigrant Women Shave His Genitals Is A Human Right

After a small business owner refused to wax a transgender male’s genitals, this biological man hauled the female immigrant into a government tribunal.

This Year’s ‘Bachelorette’ Teaches A Needed Lesson About Love Across Political Lines

Becca and Garrett kept an open mind when building their relationship. In our hyper-politicized culture, more Americans need to do the same.

Marijuana Legalization Shows Democrats How To Win At Policy Again

Democrats should learn from the example of marijuana legalization that only through federalism can they achieve lasting political change.

Stop Blaming ‘Xenophobia’ For Voters’ Rejection Of Global Liberalism

In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory, liberals have begun quaking in their boots over the rise of the xenophobic ‘far right.’ Are these fears really justified?

Trans Politics Could End Greek Life On Campus

Before moving towards ‘inclusion,’ fraternities and sororities should consider how their single-sex membership makes them valuable in the first place.

Kristen Bell’s ‘Pinksourcing’ Video Actually Disproves Pay Gap Myth

Actress Kristen Bell collaborated with The Huffington Post to satirize the male-female pay gap. Hilariously, the video actually illustrates why blaming the gap on discrimination is wrong.

NCAA’s North Carolina Boycott Is Hypocritical Political Posturing

The NCAA is boycotting North Carolina in the name of trans rights. How will it reconcile its stance with women’s rights and its own divisions by sex?

Transgender Bathrooms Are An Assault On Reality And Freedom

The fight to de-sex bathrooms isn’t really about safety or equal rights—it’s about further eroding individual freedom in the name of an ever-expanding centralized state.

Stop Virtue Signaling On Social Media And Help Someone

Campus activists predominantly use social media to respond to a tragedy or rally behind a political movement. But is there any real substance beyond the computer screen?

The Left’s Huge Double Standard For Corporate Speech

Big business has coordinated against religious freedom across the country, and the Left loves it. Just don’t corporations dare to exercise conservative political speech.

Sarah Silverman Explains Why Socialism Is Right For You

Comedienne Sarah Silverman has switched support from Hillary Clinton to socialist Bernie Sanders, because ‘free stuff for everyone.’

70 Tries After Seattle Raised Its Minimum Wage, I Still Can’t Find A Job

States nationwide are beginning to join the ‘Fight for $15.’ My job experience in Seattle, Washington helps illustrate why that’s a bad idea.

Why Mass Muslim Migration Eviscerates Western Liberalism

Candidates, Congress, and the public are concerned about how Muslim refugees may affect national security. They should also consider how refugees will affect our culture.

WATCH: CodePink Founder Hijacks Lindsey Graham Q&A

CODE PINK founder Medea Benjamin took over the Q&A after Lindsey Graham’s foreign policy remarks, hurdling some criticism at the presidential hopeful.

Dylann Roof Doesn’t Represent Millennials

If liberals want to blame millennials for racism that could descend into Dylann Roof’s behavior, they should hold up a mirror.