Michael Morris
Michael Morris

Mike is a husband and dad who lives in Denton, Texas. His essays have appeared in Aleteia, FEE, the Libertarian Catholic, and Church Pop. Mike has also written for the upstart cultural commentary site The Everyman. He can be followed on Twitter @laffyjaphy.

How Baby Boomers Ushered In Our Narcissistic Age

Helen Andrews’ book, ‘Boomers: The Men and Women Who Promised Freedom and Delivered Disaster,’ offers a penetrating and damning look at a generation that put America on a path to ruin.

Why Thanos Is A Fitting Son Of Adam

In the Marvel cinematic universe, the evolution of Thanos tracks with the devolution of western culture and the glorification of death.

Learning How To Make The ‘Benedict Option’ A Reality

Leah Libresco’s new book, ‘Building the Benedict Option: A Guide to Gathering Two or Three Together in His Name,’ offers lots of practical advice for how you can build and strengthen your Christian communities.

Here’s Why Skilled Blue-Collar Work Is So Darned Fulfilling

The whole industry is powered by problems in need of solutions, and no two issues a worker encounters are the same.

John Prine Evokes Nietzsche In New Album Lamenting Our Techno-Disaster

Prine questions if we even have the right to unmercifully manipulate our surroundings in the pursuit of perfect unhindered autonomy.

Yes, More Americans Are Lonely, But That Doesn’t Mean People Shouldn’t Bowl Alone

Recent data suggests loneliness is increasingly a feature in the lives of younger Americans. We should absolutely learn to be good neighbors, but that doesn’t mean never enjoying solitude.

To Get Back Its Groove, Country Music Should Riff On The Brothers Osborne

We are in the throes of a country music revival not seen since the heyday of Hank Junior, and ‘Port Saint Joe’ is among the reasons why.

Why You Need To Hear The Hillbilly Thomists’ Debut Album

A soulful album both enchanting and nostalgic, The Hillbilly Thomists repurpose old gospel favorites while reacquainting the listener to a buffet of instruments one rarely encounters.

Westerners Who Hate On Christianity Have No Idea How It Shapes Their Thoughts

The effect of Christian thought in our lives is so ubiquitous that, even as controversial as they are in our public discourse, the injunctions of the Ten Commandments appear obvious.

Neo-Nazis And Antifa Epitomize The Greek Titan Prometheus, And Won’t Like Why

Those who believe freedom is something to be claimed and grasped have embraced an errant conception of the human condition.

Today’s Futurists Resort To Ancient Paganism To Explain Away Christianity

With this shift of science as the choice religion for the theologically uneducated comes a unique opportunity to witness firsthand the development of myth.

How The Dance Between Order And Beauty Can Transform Your Life Forever

Beauty is inspirational. Any adolescent male who has encountered an attractive young lady can attest to that. This is one reason worship has emphasized its expressions.

When Johnny Cash Was Weakest, He Was Also His Strongest

Although 20 years have come and gone, Johnny Cash’s final albums still offer the listener a vision into what it means to live a life of faith.

To Resurrect ‘The Idea Of A Christian Society’ Christians Need To Get Courageous

In ‘Resurrecting the Idea of a Christian Society,’ R.R. Reno makes an impassioned case that the fate of the least among us depends on Christians who are willing standing up for their beliefs.

Burkini Battle Shows Why Progressive Secularism Is So Darned Boring

As secularism seeks to establish a material utopia by purging religion, it inadvertently deprives its citizens of a necessary dimension of true happiness, as the Burkini battle in France shows.

Thanks, ‘Ghostbusters,’ For A Movie Men With Daughters Want To See

Is it too much to ask that we skip the latest Disney princess for someone in a mask or jump suit? Inquiring fathers want to know.

I Don’t Care About Bathrooms. I Care About My Child Being The Target Of Trendy Propaganda

While bathrooms seem fairly innocuous, schools cannot be forced to open them up to sex-confused children without also spoon-feeding gender theory to psychologically healthy kids.