Menachem Wecker
Menachem Wecker

A Washington DC-based reporter, Menachem Wecker holds a master’s in art history (medieval and Renaissance Europe) from George Washington University.

Prominent Group Of Rabbis Won’t Forgive Trump This Day Of Atonement

A group of rabbinical leaders have canceled an annual call with the president that began under President Obama.

Get A Life. The ‘Trump Train’ Cartoon Is Not A Violence Dog Whistle

Explaining a cartoon is kind of like having to explain a joke, but that’s just what is necessary after the president apparently retweeted and then deleted a cartoon.

Is President Trump Prepared To Deal With Disasters? Are You?

In ‘Shall We Wake The President?’ Bush White House veteran and health policy expert Tevi Troy dishes out indispensable advice for how presidents—and your family—can survive both man-made and natural disasters.

For 2016’s Jewish High Holidays, Consider Checking Your Privilege-Checking

If the Jewish High Holidays are important to you, consider taking a break from clickbait that plays pin the tail on the donkey with all the buzzwords of the day.

Blood Libel And The Enduring Legacy Of Anti-Semitism

Jewish ‘blood libel’ is a nearly thousand year-old myth that just won’t die. ‘The Murder of William of Norwich’ explores how the anti-Semitism of the Middle Ages haunts us today.