Kirsten Hasler
Kirsten Hasler

Kirsten Hasler is the executive director of Eagle Forum. She resides in northern Virginia with her husband and young son.

My Son Had An Adverse Prenatal Diagnosis, But It Would Not Have Justified Aborting Him

I empathize with these women because I know what it feels like to have a doctor tell you your child could die in utero or live a hard life. But it doesn’t justify abortion as a necessary evil.

Democrats’ Sweep In Virginia Puts Pro-Transgender Constitutional Amendment Back In Play

The irony of the Equal Rights Amendment is that it will erase womanhood in the name of equality rather than empower women to be women.

Why Too Many Parents Aren’t Doing Enough Helicopter Parenting

We worry our son will pick up ideas and behaviors we do not support that will someone else will reinforce. So we’re taking an active role in his life, even though it requires more of us.