Kevin LeRoy
Kevin LeRoy

Kevin LeRoy is a Deputy Solicitor General for Wisconsin. The views expressed here are his own.

Why Aborted Babies’ Bodies Deserve Respect Even If They Aren’t Considered Persons

Planned Parenthood claims a law requiring them not to throw aborted fetuses in the trash is bad because unborn children are not persons, so their remains are not the remains of persons.

Thanks To Asian-Americans, Supreme Court Reaffirms Core Of Citizens United: Money Is Speech

Our commerce and speech are often inseparably linked, such that the government’s attempt to limit one results in limiting the other.

Are The Human-Animal Hybrids Scientists Make Human, Beast, Or In Between?

Recently, researchers created a human-pig hybrid. Should it be treated like a pig, or like a human, and at what ratio of human to animal cells?

To Fight Assisted Suicide In The Courts, Stop Arguing Federalism

When the next physician-assisted suicide case comes, we will need to litigate differently than we have for past fundamental-rights cases like abortion and same-sex marriage.